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2017-06 A Case of Anomalous Horizontal Fissure and Hypoplastic Middle Lobe of the Right Lung Okamoto, Keishi; Wakebe, Tetsuaki; Saiki, Kazunobu; Manabe, Yoshitaka; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 279
2013-09 A case of retroesophageal right subclavian artery, with special reference to the second intercostal artery, retroesophageal right vertebral artery, and thoracic duct Okamoto, Keishi; Wakebe, Tetsuaki; Saiki, Kazunobu; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 852
2018-09-06 An Ancient Skeleton with Multiple Osteoblastic Bone Lesions Containing a Scapular Sunburst Appearance from a 5th–6th Century Grave Excavated in Oita, Japan Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Wakebe, Tetsuaki; Ogami-Takamura, Keiko; Okamoto, Keishi; Tashiro, Kazunori; Saiki, Kazunobu 260
2009-09 The Bactericidal Efficacy of a Photocatalytic TiO2 Particle Mixture with Oxidizer against Staphylococcus aureus Asahara, Tomohiko; Koseki, Hironobu; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Shiraishi, Koutaro; Shindo, Hiroyuki; Baba, Koumei; Taoda, Hiroshi; Terasaki, Nao 765
2011 Biofilm deficiency in polysaccharide intercellular adhesin-negative variants of staphylococcus epidermidis selected by subminimal inhibitory concentrations of gentamicin Tamai, Takashi; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Kajiyama, Shiro; Adachi, Shinji; Sakimura, Toshiyuki; Shindo, Hiroyuki 515
2014-09-08 Characterization of Individuals with Sacroiliac Joint Bridging in a Skeletal Population: Analysis of Degenerative Changes in Spinal Vertebrae Imamura, Takeshi; Saiki, Kazunobu; Okamoto, Keishi; Maeda, Junichiro; Matsuo, Hiroaki; Wakebe, Tetsuaki; Ogami, Keiko; Manabe, Yoshitaka; Koseki, Hironobu; Tomita, Masato; Tagami, Atsushi; Osaki, Makoto; Shindo, Hiroyuki; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 606
2017-09 Degenerative changes of the sacroiliac auricular joint surface—validation of influential factors Nishi, Keita; Saiki, Kazunobu; Imamura, Takeshi; Okamoto, Keishi; Wakebe, Tetsuaki; Ogami, Keiko; Hasegawa, Takashi; Moriuchi, Takefumi; Sakamoto, Junya; Manabe, Yoshitaka; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 244
2018-03 Effect of Vancomycin and Glucose on Biofilm Formation by Coagulase-negative Staphylococci: Investigation of Standard Strains and Clinical Strains isolated from Implant-related Infection Adachi, Shinji; Yonekura, Akihiko; Sakimura, Toshiyuki; Kajiyama, Shiro; Tomita, Masato; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Osaki, Makoto 211
2002-04-18 II-9P2-11 慢性関節リウマチ患者の高齢化と問題点(RA) 松本, 智子; 弦本, 敏行 407
2014-02-28 Investigation and Macroscopic Anatomical Study of Referred Pain in Patients with Hip Disease Sakamoto, Junya; Morimoto, Yosuke; Ishii, Shun; Nakano, Jiro; Manabe, Yoshitaka; Okita, Minoru; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 393
2015 Marked lateral deviation of the phrenic nerve due to variant origin and course of the thyrocervical trunk: a cadaveric study Ogami, Keiko; Saiki, K.; Okamoto, K.; Wakebe, T.; Manabe, Y.; Imamura, T.; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 429
2019-07-29 Morphological profile of atypical femoral fractures: age-related changes to the cross-sectional geometry of the diaphysis Imamura, Takeshi; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Saiki, Kazunobu; Nishi, Keita; Okamoto, Keishi; Manabe, Yoshitaka; Oyamada, Joichi; Ogami-Takamura, Keiko 7
2009-09 Multifocal osteonecrosis caused by traumatic pancreatitis in a child. A case report. Koseki, Hironobu; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Osaki, Makoto; Shindo, Hiroyuki 896
2013-02-20 Periarticular Osteophytes as an Appendicular Joint Stress Marker (JSM): Analysis in a Contemporary Japanese Skeletal Collection Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Saiki, Kazunobu; Okamoto, Keishi; Imamura, Takeshi; Maeda, Junichiro; Manabe, Yoshitaka; Wakebe, Tetsuaki 537
2009-06 Photocatalytic bactericidal action of fluorescent light in a titanium dioxide particle mixture: an in vitro study. Koseki, Hironobu; Shiraishi, Koutaro; Asahara, Tomohiko; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Shindo, Hiroyuki; Baba, Koumei; Taoda, Hiroshi; Terasaki, Nao 913
2010-04 Photocatalytic TiO2 particles confer superior antibacterial effects in a nutrition-rich environment: an in vitro study Hiura, Takeshi; Koseki, Hironobu; Shiraishi, Koutaro; Asahara, Tomohiko; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Shindo, Hiroyuki; Baba, Koumei; Taoda, Hiroshi; Terasaki, Nao 706
2010-07 Popliteal pterygium associated with atrial septal defect Koseki, Hironobu; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Shindo, Hiroyuki 1030
2013-06 Relation between bilateral differences in internal jugular vein caliber and flow patterns of dural venous sinuses Saiki, Kazunobu; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki; Okamoto, Keishi; Wakebe, Tetsuaki 468
2013-01 The nerves to the plantaris muscle and a bipennate part of the soleus muscle Okamoto, Keishi; Wakebe, Tetsuaki; Saiki, Kazunobu; Tsurumoto, Toshiyuki 603
1990-03-31 四肢骨関節の辺縁部骨棘形成について 弦本, 敏行 364
1999 慢性関節リウマチ患者の骨密度に影響を及ぼす全身的,局所的因子の検討 松本, 智子; 弦本, 敏行; 進藤, 裕幸; 伊東, 昌子 549


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