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1982-08 Amphiphilic Flavin and 5-Deazaflavin in Anionic Micelle as a Recycle Oxidation Catalyst Shinkai, Seiji; Harada, Akiko; Manabe, Osamu; Yoneda, Fumio 1121
1979-07 Coenzyme Modeis 17. Is 5-Deazaflavin a Model for NAD+ ? Comment on the Deviation from Linear Free-energy Relationships Shinkai, Seiji; Manabe, Osamu 633
1981-07 Coenzyme Models 27 Degradative Oxidation of Glyoxals to Carboxylic Acids Mediated by Flavin and Cyanide Ion Shinkai, Seiji; Yamashita, Takaharu; Manabe, Osamu 852
1987-07 Facile Photo-Oxidation of Alcohols by a Flavin with a Metal-Chelation Site Shinkai, Seiji; Nakao, Hideki; Ueda, Kaori; Manabe, Osamu 884
1983-08 Kinetics and Isotope Effects for Transhydrogenation from a NADH Model Compound to Flavins Shinkai, Seiji; Hara, Youichiro; Manabe, Osamu 589
1980-07 Reduction of Carbonyl and Related Compounds by an Acid-Stable NADH Analogue plus Bronsted Acid Shinkai, Seiji; Hamada, Hisatake; Manabe, Osamu 773
1978-07 Spectroscopic Evidence for the Formation of "Hydrophobic Ion Pairs" Shinkai, Seiji; Manabe, Osamu 714
1984-01 キノリル基を末端に持つ非環状光応答イオノファー 本多, 義弘; 新海, 征治; 真鍋, 修 1001
1985-07 光学活性基をもつフラビン類の合成とその不二水素移動反応 中尾, 英樹; 新海, 征治; 真鍋, 修 844
1985-07 水素結合による位置特異的なフラビン分子の活性化 本田, 典昭; 新海, 征治; 真鍋, 修 625
1986-07 面不斉をもつ1,5―ジヒドロ―5―デアザイソアロキサジンによるカルボニル化合物の不斉還元 山口, 登志郎; 沢田, 敬二; 新海, 征治; 真鍋, 修 920


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