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2019-09-23 Application of stabilized hypobromite for controlling membrane fouling and N-nitrosodimethylamine formation Fujioka, Takahiro; Yoshikawa, Hiro; Eguchi, Masahiro; Boivin, Sandrine; Kodamatani, Hitoshi --
2019-06-01 Assessment of online bacterial particle counts for monitoring the performance of reverse osmosis membrane process in potable reuse Fujioka, Takahiro; Makabe, Ryo; Mori, Naomichi; Snyder, Shane A.; Leddy, Menu --
2018-09-27 Biofouling Mitigation by Chloramination during Forward Osmosis Filtration of Wastewater Fujioka, Takahiro; Nguyen, Kha; Hoang, Anh; Ueyama, Tetsuro; Yasui, Hidenari; Terashima, Mitsuharu; Nghiem, Long 167
2020-01-16 Dialysis as a new pre-treatment technique for online bacterial counting Fujioka, Takahiro; Boivin, Sandrine --
2019-12-10 Fouling substances causing variable rejection of a small and uncharged trace organic chemical by reverse osmosis membranes Fujioka, Takahiro; Aizawa, Hidenobu; Kodamatani, Hitoshi 1
2018-03-15 High rejection reverse osmosis membrane for removal of N-nitrosamines and their precursors Fujioka, Takahiro; Ishida, Kenneth P.; Shintani, Takuji; Kodamatani, Hitoshi 44
2018-12-13 Integrity of reverse osmosis membrane for removing bacteria: new insight into bacterial passage Fujioka, Takahiro; Hoang, Anh T.; Ueyama, Tetsuro; Nghiem, Long D. 31
2017-12-22 Membrane fouling, chemical cleaning and separation performance assessment of a chlorine-resistant nanofiltration membrane for water recycling applications Tin, Moe Ma Ma; Anioke, George; Nakagoe, Osamu; Tanabe, Shuji; Kodamatani, Hitoshi; Nghiem, Long D.; Fujioka, Takahiro 31
2018-10 Moringa oleifera coagulation as pretreatment prior to microfiltration for membrane fouling mitigation Katalo, Ronald; Okuda, Tetsuji; Nghiem, Long D.; Fujioka, Takahiro 72
2017-11-01 Near real-time N-nitrosodimethylamine monitoring in potable water reuse via online high-performance liquid chromatography-photochemical reaction-chemiluminescence Fujioka, Takahiro; Tanisue, Taketo; Roback, Shannon L.; Plumlee, Megan H.; Ishida, Kenneth P.; Kodamatani, Hitoshi 124
2019-08 Online assessment of sand filter performance for bacterial removal in a full-scale drinking water treatment plant Fujioka, Takahiro; Ueyama, Tetsuro; Mingliang, Fang; Leddy, Menu --
2018-06 Online monitoring of N-nitrosodimethylamine rejection as a performance indicator of trace organic chemical removal by reverse osmosis Fujioka, Takahiro; Takeuchi, Haruka; Tanaka, Hiroaki; Kodamatani, Hitoshi --
2018-12 Online monitoring of N-nitrosodimethylamine for the removal assurance of 1,4-dioxane and other trace organic compounds by reverse osmosis Fujioka, Takahiro; Kodamatani, Hitoshi; Takeuchi, Haruka; Tanaka, Hiroaki; Nghiem, Long D. 24
2017-07-01 Role of membrane fouling substances on the rejection of N-nitrosamines by reverse osmosis Fujioka, Takahiro; Kodamatani, Hitoshi; Aizawa, Hidenobu; Gray, Stephen; Ishida, Kenneth P.; Nghiem, Long D. 91
2018-05-15 Transport of small and neutral solutes through reverse osmosis membranes: Role of skin layer conformation of the polyamide film Fujioka, Takahiro; O'Rourke, Brian E.; Michishio, Koji; Kobayashi, Yoshinori; Oshima, Nagayasu; Kodamatani, Hitoshi; Shintani, Takuji; Nghiem, Long D. --
2018-04-19 Water Reclamation Using a Ceramic Nanofiltration Membrane and Surface Flushing with Ozonated Water Fujioka, Takahiro; Hoang, Anh T.; Okuda, Tetsuji; Takeuchi, Haruka; Tanaka, Hiroaki; Nghiem, Long D. 269


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