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2018-06-01 A Predictive Formula for Portal Venous Pressure Prior to Liver Resection Using Directly Measured Values Hidaka, Masaaki; Eguchi, Susumu; Hara, Takanobu; Soyama, Akihiko; Okada, Satomi; Hamada, Takashi; Ono, Shinichiro; Adachi, Tomohiko; Kanetaka, Kengo; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa 10
2015-09 Efficiency of herbal medicine Dai-kenchu-to on portal blood flow in rat models Muraoka, Izumi; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Soyama, Akihiko; Yamaguchi, Izumi; Tanaka, Shiro; Tanaka, Takayuki; Kinoshita, Ayaka; Hara, Takanobu; Kuroki, Tamotsu; Eguchi, Susumu 388
2012-09 Intraoperative portal venous pressure and long-term outcome after curative resection for hepatocellular carcinoma Hidaka, Masaaki; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Soyama, Akihiko; Tanaka, Takayuki; Muraoka, Izumi; Hara, Takanobu; Kuroki, Tamotsu; Kanematsu, Takashi; Eguchi, Susumu 436
2014-03 Is a fluorescence navigation system with indocyanine green effective enough to detect liver malignancies? Tanaka, Takayuki; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Hidaka, Masaaki; Hara, Takanobu; Muraoka, Izumi; Soyama, Akihiko; Adachi, Tomohiko; Kuroki, Tamotsu; Eguchi, Susumu 436
2012-05 Is preservation of middle hepatic vein tributaries during right hemi-hepatectomy beneficial for live donor liver transplantation? Eguchi, Susumu; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Soyama, Akihiko; Hara, Takanobu; Hidaka, Masaaki; Muraoka, Izumi; Kanematsu, Takashi 428
2018-03-17 Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Wilson’s Disease Associated with Fulminant Hepatic Failure: A Case Report Huang, Yu; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Soyama, Akihiko; Hidaka, Masaaki; Ono, Shinichiro; Adachi, Tomohiko; Hara, Takanobu; Okada, Satomi; Hamada, Takashi; Eguchi, Susumu 109
2018-03-07 Pretransplant serum procalcitonin level for prediction of early post-transplant sepsis in living donor liver transplantation 原, 貴信 31
2016-08 Relationship between immune function recovery and infectious complications in patients following living donor liver transplantation Kobayashi, Shinichiro; Soyama, Akihiko; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Hidaka, Masaaki; Adachi, Tomohiko; Kitasato, Amane; Kinoshita, Ayaka; Hara, Takanobu; Kanetaka, Kengo; Fujita, Fumihiko; Kuroki, Tamotsu; Eguchi, Susumu 145
2012-03-10 Standardized less invasive living donor hemihepatectomy by the hybrid method through short upper midline incision Soyama, Akihiko; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Hidaka, Masaaki; Muraoka, Izumi; Tanaka, Takayuki; Yamaguchi, Izumi; Kinoshita, Ayaka; Hara, Takanobu; Eguchi, Susumu 559
2013-06 The expression of transporter OATP2/OATP8 decreases in undetectable hepatocellular carcinoma by Gd-EOB-MRI in the explanted cirrhotic liver Hidaka, Masaaki; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Okudaira, Sadayuki; Soyama, Akihiko; Muraoka, Izumi; Tanaka, Takayuki; Yamaguchi, Izumi; Hara, Takanobu; Miyaaki, Hisamitsu; Ichikawa, Tatsuki; Hayashi, Tomayoshi; Sakamoto, Ichiro; Nakao, Kazuhiko; Kuroki, Tamotsu; Kanematsu, Takashi; Eguchi, Susumu 631
2014-12-23 The Impact of Treated Bacterial Infections within One Month before Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Adults Hara, Takanobu; Soyama, Akihiko; Takatsuki, Mitsuhisa; Hidaka, Masaaki; Carpenter, Izumi; Kinoshita, Ayaka; Adachi, Tomohiko; Kitasato, Amane; Kuroki, Tamotsu; Eguchi, Susumu 334


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