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2007-11-20 Analysis of the oligomerization mechanism of hemolytic lectin CEL-III derived from sea cucumber by small-angle X-ray scattering Goda, Shuichiro; Sadakata, Hitoshi; Hisamatsu, Keigo; Hiragi, Yuzuru; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 342
2015-02 cDNA cloning and characterization of a rhamnose-binding lectin SUL-I from the toxopneustid sea urchin Toxopneustes pileolus venom Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu; Ichise, Ayaka; Yonekura, Tomokazu; Unno, Hideaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Nakagawa, Hideyuki 717
2015-12-15 cDNA cloning and expression of Contractin A, a phospholipase A2-like protein from the globiferous pedicellariae of the venomous sea urchin Toxopneustes pileolus Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu; Higashi, Erika; Nakagawa, Hideyuki 391
2009-08 CEL-I, an N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc)-specific C-type lectin, induces nitric oxide production in RAW264.7 mouse macrophage cell line. Yamanishi, Tomohiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu; Yamaguchi, Kenichi; Oda, Tatsuya 1174
2008-01-29 Characterization of Domain 3 and Its α-Helical Region of the Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III Expressed as Glutathione S-Transferase-Fusion Proteins Hisamatau, Keigo; Unno, Hideaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 1239
2008-01 Characterization of the α-helix region in domain 3 of the haemolytic lectin CEL-III: implications for self-oligomerization and haemolytic processes. Hisamatsu, Keigo; Tsuda, Nobuaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 790
2013-04 Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic study of oligomers of the haemolytic lectin CEL-III from the sea cucumber Cucumaria echinata Unno, Hideaki; Hisamatsu, Keigo; Nagao, Tomonao; Tateya, Yuki; Matsumoto, Naoki; Goda, Shuichiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 688
2016-04-22 Effects of amino acid mutations in the pore-forming domain of the hemolytic lectin CEL-III Nagao, Tomonao; Masaki, Risa; Unno, Hideaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 293
2008-01-29 Expression and X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Recombinant Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu; Hidemura, Haruki; Goda, Shuichiro; Unno, Hideaki 1087
2011-03-25 Galactose recognition by a tetrameric C-type lectin, CEL-IV, containing the EPN carbohydrate recognition motif. Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu; Kamiya, Takuro; Kusunoki, Masami; Nakamura-Tsuruta, Sachiko; Hirabayashi, Jun; Goda, Shuichiro; Unno, Hideaki 1121
2014-05-02 Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III Heptamerizes via a Large Structural Transition from α-Helices to a β-Barrel during the Transmembrane Pore Formation Process Unno, Hideaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 525
2018-12-01 Identification, Characterization, and X-ray Crystallographic Analysis of a Novel Type of Lectin AJLec from the Sea Anemone Anthopleura japonica Unno, Hideaki; Nakamura, Azusa; Mori, Shingo; Goda, Shuichiro; Yamaguchi, Kenichi; Hiemori, Keiko; Tateno, Hiroaki; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 231
2006-10-01 Light scattering can detect the thermal-dependent conformational changes of proteins Shiba, Kohei; Ogasahara, Kyoko; Inaka, Koji; Sugiyama, Shigeru; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu; Nakagawa, Atsushi 349
2015-07 Mannose-recognition mutant of the galactose/N-acetylgalactosamine-specific C-type lectin CEL-I engineered by site-directed mutagenesis Moriuchi, Hiromi; Unno, Hideaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Tateno, Hiroaki; Hirabayashi, Jun; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 729
2019-02-22 Novel Ca 2+ -independent carbohydrate recognition of the C-type lectins, SPL-1 and SPL-2, from the bivalve Saxidomus purpuratus Unno, Hideaki; Itakura, Shuhei; Higuchi, Shuhei; Goda, Shuichiro; Yamaguchi, Kenichi; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 84
2009-04-01 Roles of the Valine Clusters in Domain 3 of the Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III in Its Oligomerization and Hemolytic Abilities Hisamatsu, Keigo; Unno, Hideaki; Goda, Shuichiro; Hatakeyama, Tomomitsu 869


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