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2015-02-10 CO-sensing properties of a NASICON-based gas sensor attached with Pt mixed with Bi2O3 as a sensing electrode Takeda, Hirotaka; Ueda, Taro; Kamada, Kai; Matsuo, Katsuhide; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro 559
2015-06-01 CO-sensing Properties of Potentiometric Gas Sensors Using an Anion-conducting Polymer Electrolyte and Au-loaded Metal Oxide Electrodes Goto, Toshiyuki; Hyodo, Takeo; Ueda, Taro; Kamada, Kai; Kaneyasu, Kazunari; Shimizu, Yasuhiro 146
2018-06-04 Enhanced catalytic activity and thermal stability of lipase bound to oxide nanosheets Yamada, Akane; Kamada, Kai; Ueda, Taro; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro; Soh, Nobuaki 123
2015-10-05 Enhanced catalytic activity of enzymes interacting with nanometric titanate nanosheets Kamada, Kai; Yamada, Akane; Soh, Nobuaki 258
2017-04-05 Enhanced CO Response of NASICON-based Gas Sensors Using Oxide-added Pt Sensing Electrode at Low Temperature Operation Ueda, Taro; Takeda, Hirotaka; Kamada, Kai; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro 157
2017-11 Enhanced sensing response of solid-electrolyte gas sensors to toluene: Role of composite Au/metal oxide sensing electrode Ueda, Taro; Abe, Hironari; Kamada, Kai; Bishop, Sean R.; Tuller, Harry L.; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro 1
2018-07-19 Enhancement of antibacterial effect of quaternary ammonium with inorganic nanosheets against Enterobacter cloacae Yoshida, Eri; Lawn, Murray; Nagayasu, Takeshi; Kamada, Kai --
2018-11-10 Enhancement of methylmercaptan sensing response of WO3 semiconductor gas sensors by gas reactivity and gas diffusivity Ueda, Taro; Maeda, Takuya; Huang, Zhendong; Higuchi, Kotono; Izawa, Kuniyuki; Kamada, Kai; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro --
2017-04-03 Photoprotein as an internal light source for a photoelectrochemical cell employing a semiconducting oxide electrode Kamada, Kai; Takeyama, Keiichiro; Yoshida, Eri; Soh, Nobuaki 257
2014-02-01 Protective effect of CeO2 nanoparticles on photo-induced oxidative damage of DNA Fujita, Naoko; Kamada, Kai 548
2017-12 Semiconductor-type SnO2-based NO2 sensors operated at room temperature under UV-light irradiation Hyodo, Takeo; Urata, Kaoru; Kamada, Kai; Ueda, Taro; Shimizu, Yasuhiro 46
2014-01-20 Temperature-controlled reversible exfoliation-stacking of titanate nanosheets in an aqueous solution containing tetraalkylammonium ions Kamada, Kai; Soh, Nobuaki 551


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