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Date Title Author Download
2013 Aerosol climatology over Japan site measured by ground-based sky radiometer Aoki, Kazuma; Takemura, Toshihiko; Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Hayasaka, Tadahiro 978
2018-06-01 Assessing the impact of the Kuroshio Current on vertical cloud structure using CloudSat data Yamauchi, Akira; Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Manda, Atsuyoshi; Li, Jiming 174
2011-01 Cloud and aerosol contributions to variation in shortwave surface irradiance over East Asia in July during 2001 and 2007 Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Hayasaka, Tadahiro 825
2013-06 Comparison of water cloud microphysics over mid-latitude land and ocean using CloudSat and MODIS observations Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Suzuki, Kentaroh 667
2013 Difference in fractional occurrences of precipitation categories in terms of cloud properties Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Suzuki, Kentaroh 462
2018-03 Differences in the fractions of ice clouds between eastern and western parts of Eurasian continent using CALIPSO in January 2007 Yamauchi, Akira; Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Okamoto, Hajime 207
2015-03 Distributional correspondence of 94-GHz radar reflectivity with the variation in water cloud properties over the northwestern Pacific and China Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Suzuki, Kentaroh 475
2008-10-28 Effect of precipitation on water cloud properties over China Kawamoto, Kazuaki 1281
2010-05 Geographical features of changes in surface shortwave irradiance in East Asia estimated using the potential radiative forcing index Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Hayasaka, Tadahiro 859
2009-03 Introducing Potential Radiative Forcing (PRF) for quantifying the Earth radiation budget Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Hayasaka, Tadahiro 1045
2012-03-14 Microphysical transition in water clouds over the Amazon and China derived from space-borne radar and radiometer data Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Suzuki, Kentaroh 672
2008-09-16 Relative contributions to surface shortwave irradiance over China: A new index of potential radiative forcing Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Hayasaka, Tadahiro 1403


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