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2019-10-19 Activation and IL-10 production of specific CD4+ T cells are regulated by IL-27 during chronic infection with Plasmodium chabaudi Sukhbaatar, Odsuren; Kimura, Daisuke; Miyakoda, Mana; Nakamae, Sayuri; Kimura, Kazumi; Hara, Hiromitsu; Yoshida, Hiroki; Inoue, Shin-Ichi; Yui, Katsuyuki 8
2013-10 CD8+ T Cells Specific for a Malaria Cytoplasmic Antigen Form Clusters around Infected Hepatocytes and Are Protective at the Liver Stage of Infection Kimura, Kazumi; Kimura, Daisuke; Matsushima, Yoshifumi; Miyakoda, Mana; Honma, Kiri; Yuda, Masao; Yui, Katsuyuki 416
2011-08 Characterization of waves of leukocyte recruitment to the lung allograft and the effect of CTLA4-Ig Taguchi, Tsunenori; Inamura, Yukio; Honma, Kiri; Kimura, Daisuke; Miyakoda, Mana; Miyazaki, Takuro; Tsuchiya, Tomoshi; Yamasaki, Naoya; Tagawa, Tsutomu; Nagayasu, Takeshi; Yui, Katsuyuki 764
2018-08 Differential requirements for IRF4 in the clonal expansion and homeostatic proliferation of naive and memory murine CD8+ T cells Miyakoda, Mana; Honma, Kiri; Kimura, Daisuke; Akbari, Masoud; Kimura, Kazumi; Matsuyama, Toshifumi; Yui, Katsuyuki 27
2008-10-14 Interferon regulatory factor 4 differentially regulates the production of Th2 cytokines in naive vs. effector/memory CD4+ T cells. Honma, Kiri; Kimura, Daisuke; Tominaga, Norio; Miyakoda, Mana; Matsuyama, Toshifumi; Yui, Katsuyuki 1490
2018-12-13 Metformin Promotes the Protection of Mice Infected With Plasmodium yoelii Independently of γδ T Cell Expansion Miyakoda, Mana; Bayarsaikhan, Ganchimeg; Kimura, Daisuke; Akbari, Masoud; Udono, Heiichiro; Yui, Katsuyuki 128
2018-04 Nonspecific CD8+ T Cells and Dendritic Cells/Macrophages Participate in Formation of CD8+ T Cell-Mediated Clusters against Malaria Liver-Stage Infection Akbari, Masoud; Kimura, Kazumi; Bayarsaikhan, Ganchimeg; Kimura, Daisuke; Miyakoda, Mana; Juriasingani, Smriti; Yuda, Masao; Amino, Rogerio; Yui, Katsuyuki 88
2016-01 Recruitment of distinct immune cell populations to the lung after intratracheal TLR4 signaling activation by two different stimulations Inamura, Yukio; Honma, Kiri; Kimura, Daisuke; Miyakoda, Mana; Kimura, Kazumi; Fukudome, Kenji; Nanashima, Atsushi; Nagayasu, Takeshi; Yui, Katsuyuki 353


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