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2003-12-15 211 Effect of RibCys on scavenging long-lived radicals and reducing gene mutation in mammalian cells by adding AFTER irradiation(Physics, chemistry and DNA damage, Abstracts of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiation Research Society) Ohi, Kazuki; Roberts, Jeanette; Kodama, Seiji; Watanabe, Masami; Waldren, Charls; Kumagai, Jun 594
2001-12 Direct Observation of Long-lived Radicals in Irradiated Mammalian Cells which Cause Mutation Kumagai, Jun; Miyazaki, Tetsuo; Kodama, Seiji; Watanabe, Masami 596
2001-12 Induction of Gene Mutation and Cancer by Extra-DNA Bystander Effect of Long-lived Protein Radicals inGamma Ray Irradiated Mammalian Cells. Masui, Kiyonao; Miyazaki, Tetsuo; Itagaki, Yoshiteru; Shiotani, Masaru; Kodama, Seiji; Watanabe, Masami; Kumagai, Jun 623
2001-12 Involvement of Long-Lived Radicals Induced by Radiation in the Induction of Mutation Ise, Tamaki; Kodama, Seiji; Suzuki, Keiji; Tanaka, Takashi; Kumagai, Jun; Miyazaki, Tetsuo; Watanabe, Masami 631
1998-12 LET Effect on Golden Hamster Embryo Cells : The Relationship between Long-Lived Radicals and Biological Effects Masui, Kiyonao; Kumagai, Jun; Taki, Hiroyuki; Ohno, Sin-Ich; Watanabe, Masami; Hatta, Ichiro; Miyazaki, Tetuo 511
1998-12 Local Environment Analysis of Long-Lived Radicals Which Cause Mutation and Transformation in γ-irradiated Golden Hamster Embryo Cells as Studied by Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation Spectroscopy Kumagai, Jun; Masui, Kiyonao; Kumada, Takayuki; Watanabe, Masami; Miyazaki, Tetsuo 538
2000-12 New Method for Determing Antioxidant Ability by Measuring the Reaction between Gallic Acid and Long-Lived Radicals in γ-ray Irradiated Mammalian Cells. Kumagai, Jun; Kawaura, Tomoko; Miyazaki, Tetsuo; Prost, Michel; Prost, Emmanuelle; Watanabe, Masami; Quetin-Leclercq, Joelle 556
2004-11-30 O3-2 近紫外線(UV-B)で誘導される突然変異のビタミンC処理による抑制(一般口演(3) : 突然変異) 小川, 奈津子; 菓子野, 元郎; 児玉, 靖司; 鈴木, 啓司; 熊谷, 純; 宮崎, 哲郎; 渡邉, 正己 568
2003-12-15 S-6-2 Long-Lived Radicals (LLR) Causes Genotoxic Effects(Biological Effects of Long-lived Radicals Induced by Radiation, Abstracts of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiation Research Society) Watanabe, Masami; Kodama, Seiji; Suzuki, Keiji; Kumagai, Jun; Miyazaki, Tetsuo 597
2001-12 Scavenging of long-lived radicals by (?)-epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate and simultaneous suppression of mutationin irradiated mammalian cells Kumagai, Jun; Nakama, Mitsuo; Miyazaki, Tetsuo; Ise, Tamaki; Kodama, Seiji; Watanabe, Masami 782
2000-12 UVB-Irradiation of Hamster Cells : Formation of Long-Lived Radicals Kumagai, Jun; Kanamori, Yousuke; Miyazaki, Tetsuo; Watanabe, Masami 528


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