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1999-09-30 Effects of Fluid Ingestion During Intermittent High Intensity Swimming Exercise on Thermoregulatory Responses and Performance Taimura, Akihiro; Matsumoto, Takaaki; Lee, Jeong-Beom; Othman, Timothy; Yamauchi, Masaki; Sugawara, Masashi; Kosaka, Mitsuo 1236
1999-11-30 Evaluation of the Applicability of Infrared and Thermistor-Thermometry in Thermophysiology Research Lee, Jeong-Beom; Kosaka, Mitsuo; Othman, Timothy; Matsumoto, Takaaki; Kaneda, Eiko; Yamauchi, Masaki; Taimura, Akihiro; Ohwatari, Nobu; Motomura, Katsuaki; Saat, Mohamed; Nakase, Yuzo; Makita, Shigeru 1346
1999-06-20 Haulage Methods in Different Areas of Nepal and the Health Condition of the Porters in Kathmandu Kaneda, Eiko; Yamauchi, Masaki; Ohwatari, Nobu; Lee, Jeong-Beom; Kosaka, Mitsuo 1787
1999-12-15 Relationship between the Duration of Stay in Japan of Malaysian Subjects and the Suppression of Sweat Gland Sensitivity by lontophoretically Applied Acetylcholine Saat, Mohamed; Lee, Jeong-Beom; Matsumoto, Takaaki; Kosaka, Mitsuo; Ohwatari, Nobu; Motomura, Katsuaki; Kaneda, Eiko; Taimura, Akihiro; Yamauchi, Masaki 1242
1998-03-20 Suppression of the Sweat Gland Sensitivity to Acetylcholine Applied Iontophoretically in Tropical Africans Compared to Temperate Japanese Lee, Jeong-Beom; Matsumoto, Takaaki; Othman, Timothy; Kosaka, Mitsuo 1718
1999-01-29 Thermobiological Characteristics of Pikas, Rabbits and Rats Kosaka, Mitsuo; Yang, G-J; Piad, James N.C.; Lee, Jeong-Beom; Cao, Yu; Yamauchi, Masaki; Kaneda, Eiko; Matsumoto, Takaaki; Ohwatari, Nobu; Sakai, Akio 1540


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