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2014-05-22 Correction: Kanie, N., et al. Integration and Diffusion in Sustainable Development Goals: Learning from the Past, Looking into the Future. Sustainability 2014, 6, 1761–1775 Kanie, Norichika; Abe, Naoya; Iguchi, Masahiko; Yang, Jue; Kabiri, Ngeta; Kitamura, Yuto; Managi, Shunsuke; Miyazawa, Ikuho; Olsen, Simon; Tasaki, Tomohiro; Yamamoto, Taro; Yoshida, Tetsuro; Hayakawa, Yuka 663
2017-04-26 Decomposition Analysis of Forest Ecosystem Services Values Fujii, Hidemichi; Sato, Masayuki; Managi, Shunsuke 343
2017-11-06 Decomposition Analysis of Water Treatment Technology Patents Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke 273
2015-02 Decomposition of Productivity Considering Multi-environmental Pollutants in Chinese Industrial Sector Fujii, Hidemichi; Cao, Jing; Managi, Shunsuke 376
2017-12-12 Decomposition of toxicity emission changes on the demand and supply sides: empirical study of the US industrial sector Fujii, Hidemichi; Okamoto, Shunsuke; Kagawa, Shigemi; Managi, Shunsuke 284
2016-02 Economic development and multiple air pollutant emissions from the industrial sector Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke 322
2016-12-15 Firm-level environmentally sensitive productivity and innovation in China Fujii, Hidemichi; Cao, Jing; Managi, Shunsuke 188
2017-12-01 How do urban characteristics affect climate change mitigation policies? Fujii, Hidemichi; Iwata, Kazuyuki; Managi, Shunsuke 84
2015-04-03 How enterprise strategies are related to innovation and productivity change: an empirical study of Japanese manufacturing firms Fujii, Hidemichi; Edamura, Kazuma; Sumikura, Koichi; Furusawa, Yoko; Fukuzawa, Naomi; Managi, Shunsuke 294
2018-01-18 Key Drivers for Cooperation toward Sustainable Development and the Management of CO2 Emissions: Comparative Analysis of Six Northeast Asian Countries Chapman, Andrew; Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke 263
2015-11 Optimal production resource reallocation for CO2 emissions reduction in manufacturing sectors Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke 161
2015-03-22 Substitute or complement? Assessing renewable and nonrenewable energy in OECD countries Kumar, Surender; Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke 424
2017-08-05 Wastewater Management Efficiency and Determinant Factors in the Chinese Industrial Sector from 2004 to 2014 Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke 407


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