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2018-08-05 Edaravone, a cytoprotective drug, enhances transgene expression mediated by lipoplexes in HepG2 cells and mice Wang, Shu; Fumoto, Shintaro; Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Tanaka, Masakazu; Nishida, Koyo 19
2013-10 Evaluation for effect of hypothermia on the disposition of 4-nitrophenol in rats by in-vitro metabolism study and rat liver perfusion system Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Matsueda, Satoshi; Komori, Kotaro; Fumoto, Shintaro; Nakashima, Mikiro; Yoshikawa, Naoki; Hirata, Haruna; Shimokawa, Kenta; Ohwaki, Yuichi; Nishida, Koyo 321
2016-10-01 Evaluation for Peritoneal Injury at an Early Stage Using Dual Macromolecular Markers Hirata, Haruna; Fumoto, Shintaro; Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Nakashima, Mikiro; Nakayama, Morio; Nishida, Koyo 209
2012-06 Evaluation of changes in hepatic disposition of phenolsulfonphthalein, indocyanine green and fluorescein isothiocyanate-dextran at low temperatures using a rat liver perfusion system Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Miyake, Hideaki; Yoshikawa, Naoki; Hirata, Haruna; Ohwaki, Yuichi; Fumoto, Shintaro; Sasaki, Hitoshi; Nakamura, Junzo; Nishida, Koyo 397
2015-10 Evaluation of hypothermia on the in vitro metabolism and binding and in vivo disposition of midazolam in rats Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Matsueda, Satoshi; Moritsuka, Akihiro; Shimokawa, Kenta; Hirata, Haruna; Nakashima, Mikiro; Sasaki, Hitoshi; Fumoto, Shintaro; Nishida, Koyo 198
2017-05-02 One-step formation of lipid-polyacrylic acid-calcium carbonate nanoparticles for co-delivery of doxorubicin and curcumin Peng, Jianqing; Fumoto, Shintaro; Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Chen, Yi; Kuroda, Naotaka; Nishida, Koyo 142
2019-03-28 Targeted co-delivery of protein and drug to a tumor in vivo by sophisticated RGD-modified lipid-calcium carbonate nanoparticles Peng, Jian Qing; Fumoto, Shintaro; Suga, Tadaharu; Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Kuroda, Naotaka; Kawakami, Shigeru; Nishida, Koyo --
2016-04-14 The Insertion Timing of PEGylated Lipids to Galactosylated Lipoplexes Is Important for Liver-Selective Transfection in Mice Fumoto, Shintaro; Taniguchi, Naoki; Ikai, Yuri; Yoshikawa, Naoki; Miyamoto, Hirotaka; Sasaki, Hitoshi; Hashida, Mitsuru; Kawakami, Shigeru; Nishida, Koyo 470


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