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1982-10 A Case Having Abnormal Nerve Supply of the External Oblique Abdominal Muscle with Anomaly of the Intercostal Nerve Miyauchi, Ryosuke 992
1985-10-25 A Case of Tensor Fasciae Suralis Muscle Miyauchi, Ryosuke; Kurihara, Kazushige; Tachibana, Gen 1803
1982-10 A Case of the Latissimus Dorsi Muscle with an Accessory Insertion into the First Rib Miyauchi, Ryosuke 1164
1973-03-25 A Case with Anomaly of the M. subcostalis Miyauchi, Ryosuke; Nagashima, Seiji 1271
1983-10-25 The Lateral Cutaneous Branch of the Intercostal Nerves - Its Frequency on Macroscopic Examinations Miyauchi, Ryosuke 5219
1963-12-25 THE M. GLUTAEUS QUARTUS (SO-CALLED M. SCANSORIUS) IN MACAQUES Sakuma, Fumihisa; Miyauchi, Ryosuke 1146
1983-10-25 The Nerve Supply of the Anterior Supracostal Muscle in Man and Its True Nature Miyauchi, Ryosuke; Tagawa, Takasuke 1509
1986-10 On the Human Obliquus Abdominis Externus Profundus Miyauchi, Ryosuke; Kurihara, Kazushige; Tachibana, Gen 1352
1967-03-25 The Musculi Suboccipitales of the Formosan Monkey Miyauchi, Ryosuke 1032


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