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2007-08 An electroreflectance approach to study out the puzzling state of myoglobin in a DDAB film on a pyrolytic graphite electrode surface Sagara, Takamasa; Sakai, Tomomi; Nagatani, Hirohisa 1354
2009-04-10 Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure of Copper(II) Complexes at the Air-Water Interface by a Polarized Total-Reflection X-ray Absorption Technique Nagatani, Hirohisa; Tanida, Hajime; Watanabe, Iwao; Sagara, Takamasa 1030
2011-09 Gold nanoparticles-enhanced photocurrent at a dye-sensitized liquid|liquid interface Nagatani, Hirohisa; Tonari, Sayaka; Shibata, Takao; Sagara, Takamasa 949
2010-01-21 Molecular Encapsulation and Ion-Transfer Behavior of Carboxy-Terminated PAMAM Dendrimer at the Liquid/Liquid Interface Sakamoto, Tsutomu; Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 850
2008-01-29 Observation of Potential Driven Dynamics of Hexadecane by In Situ Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging Goto, Daisaku; Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 1147
2007-09 Potential-Modulation Spectroscopy at Solid/Liquid and Liquid/Liquid Interfaces Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 1521
2009-01-27 Spatio-Temporal Observation of Potential-driven Dynamics of n-Hexadecane Liquid Thin Layer on a Au(111) Electrode by Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging and Electroreflectance Measurements Goto, Daisaku; Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 747
2008-09-20 Spectroelectrochemical analysis of ion-transfer and adsorption of the PAMAM dendrimer at a polarized liquid|liquid interface Nagatani, Hirohisa; Ueno, Takeshi; Sagara, Takamasa 1227


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