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"Nakasai, Kei" のプロフィール: 19件


発行 タイトル 著者 ダウンロード数
1974-08 A Method to Measure the Drag Force of the Immersed Body Nishinokubi, Hideyuki; Tamura, Hideya; Nakasai, Kei 624
1967-12 Application of Chart for Estimation of Trolling Depth Nakasai, Kei 329
1968-12 Mechanical Studies on the Mid-water Trawl Gear in Operation Nakasai, Kei; Kawakami, Tasae 742
1968-08 On Effect of Edge-boards attached to Tips of Plate Depressor Nakasai, Kei; Kawakami, Tasae 309
1971-12 On the Comparison Between Two-seam Trawl Net and Four-seam Trawl Net Flores, Efren Ed.C.; Nakasai, Kei 635
1971-12 On the Flow Distribution of an Experimental Circulating Water Tank Flores, Efren Ed. C.; Nakasai, Kei 344
1968-08 On Towing Depth of Isaacs-Kidd Mid-water Trawl Net Nakasai, Kei 378
1967-08 Studies on the Little Toothed Whales in the West Sea Area of Kyushu―XIII Mating Calls and Others of the Bottlenosed Dolphin caught at Arikawa in Goto Is., Nagasaki Pref. Mizue, Kazuhiro; Takemura, Akira; Nakasai, Kei 329
1968-08 Studies on the Little Toothed Whales in the West Sea Area of Kyushu―XV Underwater Sound of the Chinese Finless Porpoise caught in the Japanese coastal sea Mizue, Kazuhiro; Takemura, Akira; Nakasai, Kei 462
1975-12 Studies on the Underwater Sound―VI On the Underwater Calls of Fresh Water Dolphins in South America Nakasai, Kei; Takemura, Akira 540
1973-12 Study of the Six-seam Trawl―I The Mechanical Characteristics of a Six-seam Trawl Net Ahmad, Muchtar; Nakasai, Kei 375
1973-12 Study of the Six-seam Trawl―II The Mechanical Comparisons of a Six-seam Trawl and a Four-seam Trawl Ahmad, Muchtar; Nishinokubi, Hideyuki; Nakasai, Kei 331
1968-12 The Locus of Towed Net in a Circular Towing Nakasai, Kei; Kawakami, Tasae 260
1971-12 Theoretical Studies On the Mechanical Characteristics of Two-seam Trawl Net Nakasai, Kei; Flores, Efren Ed. C. 346
1989-10 ナイロンテグスの静力学的特性について 山口, 恭弘; 西ノ首, 英之; 中才, 啓 665
1979-08 音刺激に対する魚の反応に関する研究-1-グッピー単体の純音に対する行動 多田, 武夫; 西ノ首, 英之; 中才, 啓 383
1977-02 漁具模型の回流水槽実験用流速計について 多田, 武夫; 西ノ首, 英之; 中才, 啓 526
1987-11 波浪中における平面網地の挙動-予報- 山根, 猛; 西ノ首, 英之; 中才, 啓; 西岡, 進 364
1986-03 網いけすの力学的特性 永松, 公明; 西ノ首, 英之; 中才, 啓 562



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