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2007-11 2-6 An Association between Plasma Homocysteine Concentration and Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene C677T Polymorphism on a Remote Japanese Island(Proceedings of the 56th Meeting of Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology) Kusano, Yosuke; Nakazato, Mio; Takamura, Noboru; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Aoyagi, Kiyoshi; Ohzono, Yoshiyuki; Maeda, Takahiro 640
2011-07-15 4-Carbomethoxybenzaldehyde as a highly sensitive pre-column fluorescence derivatization reagent for 9,10-phenanthrenequinone. Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakao, Maiko; Elgawish, Mohamed Saleh; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1205
2013-05-30 A novel lophine-based fluorescence probe and its binding to human serum albumin Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Saiki, Akane; Matsuo, Aya; Ali, Marwa Fathy Bakr; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 874
2009-03 A Simple HPLC-fluorescence Method for Quantitation of Curcuminoids and Its Application to Turmeric Products Zhang, Junwei; Jinnai, Sakie; Ikeda, Rie; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Hayashida, Shinjiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro 2079
2010-08-15 A toxicoproteomic study on cardioprotective effects of pre-administration of docetaxel in a mouse model of adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity. Ohyama, Kaname; Tomonari, Mari; Ichibangase, Tomoko; To, Hideto; Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Imai, Kazuhiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1573
2010-02-26 Adamantyl-functionalized polymer monolith for capillary electrochromatography. Ohyama, Kaname; Fukahori, Yuki; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Sueyoshi, Tomoyuki; Kishikawa, Naoya; Kuroda, Naotaka 1576
2009-05 An ultrasensitive and highly selective determination method for quinones by high-performance liquid chromatography with photochemically initiated luminol chemiluminescence. Ahmed, Sameh; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Maki, Toshihide; Kurosaki, Hiromasa; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1330
2009-01 Analytical Studies on the Development of High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Methods with Fluorescence or Chemiluminescence Detections and Their Practical Applications Nakashima, Kenichiro; Ikeda, Rie; Wada, Mitsuhiro 1385
2010-04-11 Automated analysis of the serum antioxidative activities against five different reactive oxygen species by sequential injection system with a chemiluminescence detector. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Yao, Junko; Miyamoto, Aoi; Imazato, Takahiro; Ueki, Yukitaka; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Maehata, Eisuke; Kuroda, Naotaka 1591
2009-02 Chemiluminescence assay for quinones based on generation of reactive oxygen species through the redox cycle of quinone. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohkubo, Nobuhiro; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1926
2008-08 Concentration and characteristics of polychlorinated biphenyls in the sediments of sea and river in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan Honda, Takashi; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro 851
2012-11-09 Determinants of homocysteine concentrations in mother and neonatal girl pairs Sekitani, Yui; Hayashida, Naomi; Ikeoka, Toshiyuki; Yoshida, Atsushi; Nakazato, Mio; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Fujita, Akira; Matsuo, Atsushi; Miyamura, Tsunetake; Obama, Masahiko; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Maeda, Takahiro; Masuzaki, Hideaki; Takamura, Noboru 781
2010-06-15 Determination of 9, 10-phenanthrenequinone in airborne particulates by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with post-column fluorescence derivatization using 2-aminothiophenol. Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakashima, Hajime; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 942
2012-07 Determination of glyoxylic acid in urine by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection, using a novel derivatization procedure based on the Petasis reaction Chihara, Kohki; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1788
2014-01-25 Determination of the ratio between mercaptalbumin and nonmercaptalbumin by HPLC with fluorescence probe specifically binding to albumin Ohyama, Kaname; Kishikawa, Naoya; Matsuo, Aya; Imazato, Takahiro; Ueki, Yukitaka; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1175
2011-02 Development and Application of Sensitive Methods with Luminescence Detections for Determination of Biologically Active Compounds Nakashima, Kenichiro 585
2012-09 Development of a novel method for monitoring the antioxidative effect of ascorbic acid in rat blood Wada, Mitsuhiro; Kira, Megumi; Nakaji, Yosuke; Ikeda, Rie; Kuroda, Naotaka; Nakashima, Kenichiro 916
2011-09 Effects of Temperature and Mobile Phase Condition on Chiral Recognition of Poly(l-phenylalanine) Chiral Stationary Phase Ohyama, Kaname; Oyamada, Kana; Kishikawa, Naoya; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Ohba, Yoshihito; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1191
2010-05-15 Enhancement of peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence intensity by surfactants and its application to detect detergent. Wada, Mitsuhiro; Abe, Keisuke; Ikeda, Rie; Harada, Shiro; Kuroda, Naotaka; Nakashima, Kenichiro 2802
2010-04-14 Evaluation of chemiluminescence reagents for selective detection of reactive oxygen species. Yamaguchi, Shinya; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Ohba, Yoshihito; Kohno, Maiko; Masuda, Toshinobu; Takadate, Akira; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1790
2009-10 Fluorogenic derivatization of aryl halides based on the formation of biphenyl by Suzuki coupling reaction with phenylboronic acid. Kishikawa, Naoya; Kubo, Kimiko; Hammad, Sherin Farouk; Mabrouk, Mokhtar Mohamed; Habib, Ahmed; Elfatatry, Hamed; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1536
2005-06 High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Drugs of Abuse in Biologic Samples Nakashima, Kenichiro 11708
2013-06 HPLC Determination of Chlorpropamide in Human Serum by Fluorogenic Derivatization Based on the Suzuki Coupling Reaction with Phenylboronic Acid Kishikawa, Naoya; Hammad, Sherin Farouk; Ohyama, Kaname; Kubo, Kimiko; Mabrouk, Mokhtar Mohamed; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 531
2011-04 HPLC determination of methylphenidate and its metabolite, ritalinic acid, by high-performance liquid chromatography with peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence detection. Wada, Mitsuhiro; Abe, Keisuke; Ikeda, Rie; Kikura-Hanajiri, Ruri; Kuroda, Naotaka; Nakashima, Kenichiro 1991
2011-10-01 HPLC-UV method development for fentanyl determination in rat plasma and its application to elucidate pharmacokinetic behavior after i.p. administration to rats. Almousa, Ahmed A; Ikeda, Rie; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Kuroda, Naotoka; Hanajiri, Ruri-Kikura; Nakashima, Kenichiro 1172
2009-11 Investigation of Novel Peptide Chiral Selectors Prepared by Solid-Phase Synthesis with a tert-Butoxycarbonyl Amino Acid Ohyama, Kaname; Oyamada, Kana; Kishikawa, Naoya; Arakawa, Miyuki; Ohba, Yoshihito; Kamino, Masahiro; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1081
2011-05-20 Labeling of alprenolol with fluorescent aryl iodide as a reagent based on Mizoroki-Heck coupling reaction. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohkuma, Mizuho; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Ohyama, Kaname; Ikeda, Rie; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1477
2012-10-21 Microplate analytical method for quinones by pulse photo-irradiation and chemiluminescence detection Elgawish, Mohamed Saleh; Shimomai, Chikako; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 715
2009-06 PCBs and PCDD/DFs in waste oil illegally dumped and neglected for more than 20 years. Honda, Takashi; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro 895
2010-09 Peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence detection for the highly sensitive determination of fluorescence-labeled chlorpheniramine with Suzuki coupling reaction. Adutwum, Lawrence Asamoah; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Harada, Shiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1563
2011-06-25 Pharmacodynamic interactions between MDMA and concomitants in MDMA tablets on extracellular dopamine and serotonin in the rat brain. Ikeda, Rie; Igari, Yoshiko; Fuchigami, Yuki; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Kuroda, Naotaka; Nakashima, Kenichiro 1085
2008-10-24 Preparation and characterization of poly(l-phenylalanine) chiral stationary phases with varying peptide length. Ohyama, Kaname; Oyamada, Kana; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohba, Yoshihito; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Maki, Toshihide; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 2693
2009-04-15 Selective determination of doxorubicin and doxorubicinol in rat plasma by HPLC with photosensitization reaction followed by chemiluminescence detection Ahmed, Sameh; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 3498
2011-04 Selective determination of ubiquinone in human plasma by HPLC with chemiluminescence reaction based on the redox cycle of quinone. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohkubo, Nobuhiro; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1261
2008-06 Sensitive HPLC-fluorescence detection of morphine labeled with DIB-Cl in rat brain and blood microdialysates and its application to the preliminarily study of the pharmacokinetic interaction between morphine and diclofenac. Wada, Mitsuhiro; Yokota, Chiaki; Ogata, Yasuhiro; Kuroda, Naotaka; Yamada, Hideyuki; Nakashima, Kenichiro 1278
2001-07 Separation of Sympathomimetic Amines of Abuse and Related Compounds by Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography Kuroda, Naotaka; Sato, Daisuke; Ohyama, Kaname; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakahara, Yuji; Nakashima, Kenichiro 1006
2010-05 Study on the Timing of Degassing for Reproducible Preparation of Polymer-Based Monolithic Columns Ohyama, Kaname; Sueyoshi, Tomoyuki; Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1167
2015-08-01 Validation of an LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of Propofol, Midazolam, and Carbamazepine in Rat Plasma: Application to Monitor Their Concentrations Following Co-administration El Hamd, Mohamed Abo; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Ikeda, Rie; Kawakami, Shigeru; Nakashima, Kenichiro 945
2002-02 カタラーゼ活性の過シュウ酸エステル化学発光検出に基づく食品の細菌汚染評価に関する基礎的検討 和田, 光弘; 椛島, 力; 黒田, 直敬; 芳本, 忠; 加藤, 秀男; 林田, 真二郎; 中島, 憲一郎 601
2005-09-05 ヒト血中の3種のオキシカム系非ステロイド性抗炎症薬のセミミクロカラム高速液体クロマトグラフィー 中村, 晃子; 中嶋, 弥穂子; 和田, 光弘; 中島, 憲一郎 1209
2006-12-05 フローインジェクション-ルミノール化学発光検出によるブドウ種子抽出物及びポリフェノール類の活性酸素種消去能評価 和田, 光弘; 加藤, 正之; 城戸, 浩胤; 中嶋, 弥穂子; 黒田, 直敬; 中島, 憲一郎 2221
2000-03 化学発光計測を利用する分析法 中島, 憲一郎 5170
2008-08 高速液体クロマトグラフィーによるヒト血漿中中鎖脂肪酸の定量及びホモシステイン濃度との関連性評価 園部, 千賀子; 中村, 真裕美; 和田, 光弘; 中島, 憲一郎 1596
1998-06-30 <資料>王様と私 中島, 憲一郎 794
2007-07-15 地域薬剤師に対する実習や演習を主体とした卒後教育研修の試み[スライド] 西田, 孝洋; 和田, 光弘; 大脇, 裕一; 中村, 純三; 中島, 憲一郎 1519
2009-04 長崎県の大気中ポリ塩化ビフェニルの定量とその汚染特性評価 本多, 隆; 和田, 光弘; 中島, 憲一郎 1870
2008-10 乱用薬物の毛髪分析 中島, 憲一郎 5170


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