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2011-07-15 4-Carbomethoxybenzaldehyde as a highly sensitive pre-column fluorescence derivatization reagent for 9,10-phenanthrenequinone. Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakao, Maiko; Elgawish, Mohamed Saleh; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1060
2010-08-15 A toxicoproteomic study on cardioprotective effects of pre-administration of docetaxel in a mouse model of adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity. Ohyama, Kaname; Tomonari, Mari; Ichibangase, Tomoko; To, Hideto; Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Imai, Kazuhiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1459
2010-02-26 Adamantyl-functionalized polymer monolith for capillary electrochromatography. Ohyama, Kaname; Fukahori, Yuki; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Sueyoshi, Tomoyuki; Kishikawa, Naoya; Kuroda, Naotaka 1460
2009-05 An ultrasensitive and highly selective determination method for quinones by high-performance liquid chromatography with photochemically initiated luminol chemiluminescence. Ahmed, Sameh; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Maki, Toshihide; Kurosaki, Hiromasa; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1234
2010-04-11 Automated analysis of the serum antioxidative activities against five different reactive oxygen species by sequential injection system with a chemiluminescence detector. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Yao, Junko; Miyamoto, Aoi; Imazato, Takahiro; Ueki, Yukitaka; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Maehata, Eisuke; Kuroda, Naotaka 1487
2009-02 Chemiluminescence assay for quinones based on generation of reactive oxygen species through the redox cycle of quinone. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohkubo, Nobuhiro; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1758
2010-06-15 Determination of 9, 10-phenanthrenequinone in airborne particulates by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with post-column fluorescence derivatization using 2-aminothiophenol. Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakashima, Hajime; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 833
2011-09 Effects of Temperature and Mobile Phase Condition on Chiral Recognition of Poly(l-phenylalanine) Chiral Stationary Phase Ohyama, Kaname; Oyamada, Kana; Kishikawa, Naoya; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Ohba, Yoshihito; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1072
2010-04-14 Evaluation of chemiluminescence reagents for selective detection of reactive oxygen species. Yamaguchi, Shinya; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Ohba, Yoshihito; Kohno, Maiko; Masuda, Toshinobu; Takadate, Akira; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1650
2009-10 Fluorogenic derivatization of aryl halides based on the formation of biphenyl by Suzuki coupling reaction with phenylboronic acid. Kishikawa, Naoya; Kubo, Kimiko; Hammad, Sherin Farouk; Mabrouk, Mokhtar Mohamed; Habib, Ahmed; Elfatatry, Hamed; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1425
2009-11 Investigation of Novel Peptide Chiral Selectors Prepared by Solid-Phase Synthesis with a tert-Butoxycarbonyl Amino Acid Ohyama, Kaname; Oyamada, Kana; Kishikawa, Naoya; Arakawa, Miyuki; Ohba, Yoshihito; Kamino, Masahiro; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 975
2011-05-20 Labeling of alprenolol with fluorescent aryl iodide as a reagent based on Mizoroki-Heck coupling reaction. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohkuma, Mizuho; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Ohyama, Kaname; Ikeda, Rie; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1367
2010-09 Peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence detection for the highly sensitive determination of fluorescence-labeled chlorpheniramine with Suzuki coupling reaction. Adutwum, Lawrence Asamoah; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Harada, Shiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1441
2008-10-24 Preparation and characterization of poly(l-phenylalanine) chiral stationary phases with varying peptide length. Ohyama, Kaname; Oyamada, Kana; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohba, Yoshihito; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Maki, Toshihide; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 2586
2011-07-15 Selective chemiluminescence method for monitoring of vitamin K homologues in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Ahmed, Sameh; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Imazato, Takahiro; Ueki, Yukitaka; Kuroda, Naotaka 1036
2009-04-15 Selective determination of doxorubicin and doxorubicinol in rat plasma by HPLC with photosensitization reaction followed by chemiluminescence detection Ahmed, Sameh; Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohyama, Kaname; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 3337
2011-04 Selective determination of ubiquinone in human plasma by HPLC with chemiluminescence reaction based on the redox cycle of quinone. Kishikawa, Naoya; Ohkubo, Nobuhiro; Ohyama, Kaname; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1159
2001-07 Separation of Sympathomimetic Amines of Abuse and Related Compounds by Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography Kuroda, Naotaka; Sato, Daisuke; Ohyama, Kaname; Wada, Mitsuhiro; Nakahara, Yuji; Nakashima, Kenichiro 885
2008-05-12 Simultaneous determination of mycophenolic acid and its acyl and phenol glucuronide metabolites in human serum by capillary zone electrophoresis Ohyama, Kaname; Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakagawa, Hiroo; Kuroda, Naotaka; Nishikido, Masaharu; Teshima, Mugen; To, Hideto; Kitahara, Takashi; Sasaki, Hitoshi 1368
2010-05 Study on the Timing of Degassing for Reproducible Preparation of Polymer-Based Monolithic Columns Ohyama, Kaname; Sueyoshi, Tomoyuki; Kishikawa, Naoya; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1070
2012-03-30 Toxicoproteomic analysis of a mouse model of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced gastric ulcers Ohyama, Kaname; Shiokawa, Akina; Ito, Kosei; Masuyama, Ritsuko; Ichibangase, Tomoko; Kishikawa, Naoya; Imai, Kazuhiro; Kuroda, Naotaka 1108
2010-01 キノンの選択的化学発光検出法とその臨床化学的応用 黒田, 直敬; 岸川, 直哉; 大山, 要 1547
2007-01 キャピラリー電気クロマトグラフィー用新規機能性充填剤の開発(博士論文要録) 大山, 要 948
2019-04-01 クロマトグラフィー分離を基盤とした新しいプロテオーム解析による臨床薬学研究 大山, 要 58
2015-09-03 化学発光HPLCによる血漿中パラコート及びジクワットの同時定量 新藤, 敬梧; 岸川, 直哉; 大山, 要; 黒田, 直敬 677


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