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2007-03 1,2-ジオール分子認識に基づく選択的分子変換反応 松村, 功啓; 尾野村, 治; 出水, 庸介 4512
2013-11-14 An efficient method for selective oxidation of 1,2-diols in water catalyzed by Me2SnCl2 William, Julius M.; Kuriyama, Masami; Onomura, Osamu 406
2012-06-25 Anodic selective functionalization of cyclic amine derivatives Onomura, Osamu 804
2006-11-27 Asymmetric desymmetrization of meso-vic-diols by carbamoylation catalyzed with a chiral Cu(II) complex Matsumoto, Kazuya; Mitsuda, Masaru; Ushijima, Nobuto; Demizu, Yosuke; Onomura, Osamu; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 1037
2008-07-07 Asymmetric electrochemical oxidation of 1,2-diols, aminoalcohols and aminoaldehydes in the presence of chiral copper catalyst Minato, Daishirou; Arimoto, Hitomi; Nagasue, Yoko; Demizu, Yosuke; Onomura, Osamu 1005
2005-12-31 Asymmetric Introduction of Nucleophiles to the 2-Position of Pyrrolidine Ring through N-Acylpyrrolidinium Ion Onomura, Osamu; Ikeda, Takashi; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 941
2007-12-03 Asymmetric oxidation of 1,2-diols using N-bromosuccinimide in the presence of chiral copper catalyst Onomura, Osamu; Arimoto, Hitomi; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Demizu, Yosuke 1540
2007-12-24 Asymmetric tosylation of racemic 2-hydroxyalkanamides with chiral copper catalyst Onomura, Osamu; Mitsuda, Masaru; Nguyen, My Thi Thuy; Demizu, Yosuke 1178
2009-04 Catalytic monoalkylation of 1,2-diols Maki, Toshihide; Ushijima, Nobuto; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Onomura, Osamu 1374
2008-09-01 Chiral azabicyclo-N-oxyls mediated enantioselective electrooxidation of sec-alcohols Shiigi, Hirofumi; Mori, Hiroyuki; Tanaka, Tomoaki; Demizu, Yosuke; Onomura, Osamu 823
2008-12-01 Convenient synthesis of an enantiomerically pure bicyclic proline and its N-oxyl derivatives Demizu, Yosuke; Shiigi, Hirofumi; Mori, Hiroyuki; Matsumoto, Kazuya; Onomura, Osamu 1194
2007-10-22 Copper complex catalyzed asymmetric monosulfonylation of meso-vic-diols Demizu, Yosuke; Matsumoto, Kazuya; Onomura, Osamu; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 1045
2006-07-31 Copper ion-catalyzed regioselective introduction of active methylene groups into the γ-position of piperidine skeleton and its application to the synthesis of (-)-cincholoiponic acid Minato, Daishirou; Imai, Mieko; Kanda, Yasuhisa; Onomura, Osamu; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 956
2012-03-14 Diastereoselective addition to N-acyliminium ions with aryl- and alkenyl boronic acids via a Petasis-type reaction Mizuta, Satoshi; Onomura, Osamu 767
2008-08-04 Diastereoselective arylation of l-proline derivatives at the 5-position Onomura, Osamu; Kirira, Peter G; Tanaka, Toshimitsu; Tsukada, Shinsuke; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Demizu, Yosuke 953
2009-11-21 Diastereoselective construction of azetidin-2-ones by electrochemical intramolecular C–C bond forming reaction Minato, Daishirou; Mizuta, Satoshi; Kuriyama, Masami; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Onomura, Osamu 756
2014 Diastereoselective Synthesis of 3-Fluoro-2-substituted Piperidines and Pyrrolidines Gichuhi, Paul N.; Kuriyama, Masami; Onomura, Osamu 993
2006-06 Efficient Oxidation of Adamantanes by Sodium Nitrite with Molecular Oxygen in Trifluoroacetic Acid Onomura, Osamu; Yamamoto, Yutaka; Moriyama, Noriaki; Iwasaki, Fumiaki; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 2883
2008-01-01 Efficient oxidation of alcohols electrochemically mediated by azabicyclo-N-oxyls Demizu, Yosuke; Shiigi, Hirofumi; Oda, Takahisa; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Onomura, Osamu 1464
2010 Facile synthesis of optically active oxindoles by copper-catalyzed asymmetric monotosylation of prochiral 1,3-diols Kuriyama, Masami; Tanigawa, Satoko; Kubo, Yuki; Demizu, Yosuke; Onomura, Osamu 915
2008-04 High regioselectivity in electrochemical α-methoxylation of N-protected cyclic amines Libendi, Samuel S.; Demizu, Yosuke; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Onomura, Osamu 952
2007-01-01 Highly enantioselective introduction of bis(alkoxycarbonyl)methyl group into the 2-position of piperidine skeleton Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Minato, Daishiro; Onomura, Osamu 962
2006-11-13 Kinetic resolution of vic-amino alcohols catalyzed by a chiral Cu(II) complex Mitsuda, Masaru; Tanaka, Tomoaki; Demizu, Yosuke; Onomura, Osamu; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 1123
2010 Mannich-Type Reaction of N,O-Acetals with Ketones Mediated by a Combination of TiCl4 and PhSiCl3 Onomura, Osamu; Ikeda, Takashi; Kuriyama, Masami; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Kamogawa, Satoshi 947
2009-04 Memory of Chirality in the Electrochemical Oxidation of N-o-Phenylbenzoylated Prolinols Onomura, Osamu; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Ng’aNg’a Wanyoike, George 870
2010-03-01 Memory of Chirality in the Electrochemical Oxidation of Thiazolidine-4-carboxylic Acid Derivatives Onomura, Osamu; Ng’aNg’a Wanyoike, George; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Kuriyama, Masami 633
2020-08-21 N- and O-arylation of pyridin-2-ones with diaryliodonium salts: base-dependent orthogonal selectivity under metal-free conditions Kuriyama, Masami; Hanazawa, Natsumi; Abe, Yusuke; Katagiri, Kotone; Ono, Shimpei; Yamamoto, Kosuke; Onomura, Osamu 26
2006-05-29 New organic activators for the enantioselective reduction of aromatic imines with trichlorosilane Onomura, Osamu; Kouchi, Yoshimi; Iwasaki, Fumiaki; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 1845
2008-02-12 Nonenzymatic kinetic resolution of 3-hydroxyalkanamides with chiral copper catalyst Demizu, Yosuke; Kubo, Yuki; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Onomura, Osamu 1060
2009-09-16 Nonenzymatic kinetic resolution of racemic α-hydroxyalkanephosphonates with chiral copper catalyst Demizu, Yosuke; Moriyama, Atsushi; Onomura, Osamu 741
2010-04-21 Nonenzymatic kinetic resolution of racemic β-hydroxyalkanephosphonates with a chiral copper catalyst Moriyama, Atsushi; Matsumura, Shintaro; Kuriyama, Masami; Onomura, Osamu 1019
2008-11-17 Oxidative C–C bond cleavage of N-alkoxycarbonylated cyclic amines by sodium nitrite in trifluoroacetic acid Onomura, Osamu; Moriyama, Atsushi; Fukae, Kazuhiro; Yamamoto, Yutaka; Maki, Toshihide; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Demizu, Yosuke 939
2018-08-07 Palladium-catalyzed chemoselective anaerobic oxidation of N-heterocycle-containing alcohols Kuriyama, Masami; Nakashima, Sho; Miyagi, Tsubasa; Sato, Kanako; Yamamoto, Kosuke; Onomura, Osamu 153
2010-08-21 Palladium-imidazolinium carbene-catalyzed arylation of aldehydes with arylboronic acids in water Kuriyama, Masami; Ishiyama, Natsuki; Shimazawa, Rumiko; Onomura, Osamu 952
2008-09 Regioselective Introduction of Electrophiles into Piperidine Derivatives at the 4-Position Onomura, Osamu; Fujimura, Noriyuki; Oda, Takahisa; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Demizu, Yosuke 1198
2009-01 Ring Contraction of α,β-Unsaturated Cyclic Amines with cis-Dihydroxylation at the α,β-Position Onomura, Osamu; S. Libendi, Samuel; Demizu, Yosuke; Matsumura, Yoshihiro 891
2009-12-11 Stereoselective synthesis of 3-deoxy-piperidine iminosugars from l-lysine Moriyama, Noriaki; Matsumura, Yoshihiro; Kuriyama, Masami; Onomura, Osamu 905
2002-11 光学活性アミノ酸を利用した革新的分子変換 尾野村, 治 1107


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