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2007-08 An electroreflectance approach to study out the puzzling state of myoglobin in a DDAB film on a pyrolytic graphite electrode surface Sagara, Takamasa; Sakai, Tomomi; Nagatani, Hirohisa 1355
2010-01-21 Anionic Surfactant Organized Film Formation on a Viologen Thiol SAM-Modified Polycrystalline Au and Au(111) Electrodes Shiotsuki, Hiroyuki; Sagara, Takamasa 677
2009-01-27 Coupled Dynamics of Au-nanoparticles and Surfactants Driven by Potential Control on a Au(111) Electrode Surface Izumi, Kenji; Sagara, Takamasa 877
2008-01-29 Dynamic Behavior of Overlayer Induced by Potential Dependent Structural Changes of Underlayer Composed of Water-insoluble 4-Pyridyl Terminated Surfactants on a Au(111) Electrode Surface Uematsu, Kohei; Sagara, Takamasa 1116
2017-10-10 Effect of bromide adsorption on electrowetting of Au electrode with hexadecane Morooka, Tetsuro; Tahara, Hironobu; Sagara, Takamasa 74
2017-02-25 Electrochromism of a bipolar reversible redox-active ferrocene–viologen linked ionic liquid Tahara, Hironobu; Baba, Rei; Iwanaga, Kodai; Sagara, Takamasa; Murakami, Hiroto 249
2009-04-10 Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure of Copper(II) Complexes at the Air-Water Interface by a Polarized Total-Reflection X-ray Absorption Technique Nagatani, Hirohisa; Tanida, Hajime; Watanabe, Iwao; Sagara, Takamasa 1032
2008-07-15 Formation of viologen radical cation condensed phase through two-dimensional molecular organization process on an HOPG electrode surface in binary viologen solutions Tanaka, Yasuhiko; Sagara, Takamasa 1066
2011-09 Gold nanoparticles-enhanced photocurrent at a dye-sensitized liquid|liquid interface Nagatani, Hirohisa; Tonari, Sayaka; Shibata, Takao; Sagara, Takamasa 951
2010-01-21 Molecular Encapsulation and Ion-Transfer Behavior of Carboxy-Terminated PAMAM Dendrimer at the Liquid/Liquid Interface Sakamoto, Tsutomu; Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 851
2005-06 Molecular Structure Dependence of the Phase Transition Spike Response of Viologens at an HOPG Electrode Using Bisviologen and Carboxylated Viologen Sagara, Takamasa; Fujihara, Yuka; Tada, Takuro 985
2008-01-29 Nano-Organization of Molecules at Electrified Interface: Anionic Surfactant Overlayer Formation through Potential Dependent Binding on Viologen-Functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayer Sagara, Takamasa; Hagi, Youichi 1306
2008-01-29 Observation of Potential Driven Dynamics of Hexadecane by In Situ Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging Goto, Daisaku; Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 1149
2008-01-01 Particle size dependence of the charging of Au nanoparticles immobilized on a modified ITO electrode Toyota, Ayumi; Sagara, Takamasa 1371
2007-04 Phase transition behavior of two-component viologen adsorption layers on a HOPG electrode surface Tanaka, Yasuhiko; Sagara, Takamasa 1014
2009-01-27 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Polyurethanes Crosslinked by [3]Rotaxane Ohira, Shinji; Kusano, Ryosuke; Kojio, Ken; Furukawa, Mutsuhisa; Sagara, Takamasa; Murakami, Hiroto 901
2016-10-15 Potential-dependent morphological change of n-hexadecane small droplets on a Au(1 1 1) electrode in aqueous solution: A voltammetric and electrochemical fluorescence microscopic study Morooka, Tetsuro; Murakawa, Shoma; Konomi, Azusa; Goto, Daisaku; Sagara, Takamasa 194
2007-09 Potential-Modulation Spectroscopy at Solid/Liquid and Liquid/Liquid Interfaces Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 1523
2013-12-30 Remarkable effect of bromide ion upon two-dimensional faradaic phase transition of dibenzyl viologen on an HOPG electrode surface: Emergence of two-step transition Higashi, Tomohiro; Sagara, Takamasa 854
2019-02-01 Revisiting aqueous redox process of alkyl-linked bis-viologen: Evaluation of redox potential inversion Sagara, Takamasa; Eguchi, Hitomi --
2009-08-01 Short-time preparation and electrochemical properties of a single layer of tetraoctylammonium bromide capped Au nanoparticles on dithiol self-assembled monolayer-modified Au electrode Abraham John, S.; Sagara, Takamasa 841
2009-01-27 Spatio-Temporal Observation of Potential-driven Dynamics of n-Hexadecane Liquid Thin Layer on a Au(111) Electrode by Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging and Electroreflectance Measurements Goto, Daisaku; Nagatani, Hirohisa; Sagara, Takamasa 748
2008-09-20 Spectroelectrochemical analysis of ion-transfer and adsorption of the PAMAM dendrimer at a polarized liquid|liquid interface Nagatani, Hirohisa; Ueno, Takeshi; Sagara, Takamasa 1230
2009-01-27 Spectroelectrochemical Study for Dyes Adsorbed on Gold Nano-Rings Immobilized on an ITO Electrode Imasaki, Gyotaro; Sagara, Takamasa 809
2010-01-21 Spectroelectrochemistry of Au Nanoparticles Immobilized on an Organic Monolayer Modified Electrode Toyota, Ayumi; Sagara, Takamasa 676
2008-01-29 Synthesis and Characterization of Rotaxane Closslinked Polyurethanes Kusano, Ryosuke; Kojio, Ken; Furukawa, Mutsuhisa; Sagara, Takamasa; Murakami, Hiroto 1154
2008-01-29 Synthesis of Gold Nano-structure and its Photoelectronic Function Imasaki, Gyotaro; Sagara, Takamasa 2036
2006-09-01 Time dependent spectral change upon potential step perturbation for Au nanoparticles immobilized on an organic monolayer-modified ITO electrode Toyota, Ayumi; Sagara, Takamasa 1073
2008-11-01 Voltammetric study of adsorption layers of various 4-pyridyl terminated surfactants on a Au(1 1 1) electrode: Effects of electronic property of pyridyl group and intermolecular hydrogen bonding upon potential-driven phase changes Uematsu, Kohei; Sagara, Takamasa 950
2008-03 Voltammetric study of insoluble 4-pyridyl-terminated surfactant binary-component films prepared by multiple horizontal touching method on a Au(1 1 1) electrode Uematsu, Kohei; Sagara, Takamasa 1108
2010-01-21 Voltammetric Study of Viologens Possessing Aromatic Groups on a HOPG Electrode Surface Higashi, Tomohiro; Sagara, Takamasa 714


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