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Author Sonoda, Kenji: 23

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1990-03-31 3人の作家にみる「壁」 園田, 健二 1003
1995-03-31 As If and As Though Sonoda, Kenji 1041
2003-06 The Concessive Conjunct However Sonoda, Kenji 1276
2004-07-15 Contractions in Newsweeklies Sonoda, Kenji 1069
1990-03-31 "Death in the Woods"におけるモダニズム 園田, 健二 4056
2001-03-31 The Difference in Meaning between Begin (Start) to-V and Begin (Start) V-ing Sonoda, Kenji 1306
1999-03-02 English Expressions in the Articles of Physical and Occupational Therapies Sonoda, Kenji 962
1997-03-25 The Get-Passive and Its Uses Sonoda, Kenji 1170
1994-03-31 Help+Infinitive and Help+Object+Infinitive in BrE and AmE Sonoda, Kenji 1088
1996-03-29 If and Whether in Indirect Speech Sonoda, Kenji 941
2007-10 The Indefinite Article before Adjectives Followed by the Word Pain Sonoda, Kenji 1605
1994-03-31 The Mandative Subjunctive and Putative Should Sonoda, Kenji 3809
2006 The Nonrestrictive Relative That Sonoda, Kenji 1380
2001-12 Obligation and Possession in All you have to do is ... and Its Related Structures Sonoda, Kenji 841
2009-03 Omission of a Question Mark in Such Expressions As Why don’t you or Why not Sonoda, Kenji 4095
2002-12 Omission of Prepositions in Time Adverbials in Present-day Spoken AmE Sonoda, Kenji 2605
2000-03-24 Position, Word Order, Verbs, and Tenses of Reporting Clauses Sonoda, Kenji 1579
2007 The Relatives When, Where, and Their Antecedents Sonoda, Kenji 1344
2004-12-28 The Restrictive Relative Pronouns That and Which in BrE Sonoda, Kenji 1150
2005-12-25 Two Situations Where Had Better Can Be Used Sonoda, Kenji 1164
1989-03-31 マクドナルドの日英会話集 園田, 健二 1662
1993-03-31 制限的用法の関係代名詞that,which-イギリス英語の場合- 園田, 健二 2048
1993-03-31 動名詞の意味上の主語 園田, 健二 2403


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