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2014-07-25 A Multi-Scaling Forward-Backward Time-Stepping Method for microwave imaging Moriyama, Toshifumi; Oliveri, Giacomo; Salucci, Marco; Takenaka, Takashi 592
2012-08-07 A novel inverse scattering approach for a stratified slab without explicit knowledge of incident fields Takenaka, Takashi; Moriyama, Toshifumi 467
2009-09 Advances in the 3-D forward-backward time-stepping (FBTS) inverse scattering technique for breast cancer detection. Johnson, Jessi E; Takenaka, Takashi; Ping, Kismet Anak Hong; Honda, Shunsuke; Tanaka, Toshiyuki 1441
2012-07-08 An inverse scattering method for a stratified slab using time-reversed fields Moriyama, Toshifumi; Takenaka, Takashi 517
2014 Application of time reversal to imaging electrical properties of inhomogeneous cylindrical objects Moriyama, Toshifumi; Takenaka, Takashi 371
2013 Image reconstruction of objects with time reversal and equivalent fields Takenaka, Takashi; Moriyama, Toshifumi; Tanaka, Toshiyuki 548
2012-08-15 Inverse scattering approach based on the field equivalence principle: Inversion without a priori information on incident fields Takenaka, Takashi; Moriyama, Toshifumi 478
2010-08 Microwave breast imaging by the filtered forward-backward time-stepping method Takenaka, Takashi; Moriyama, Toshifumi; Hong Ping, Kismet Anak; Yamasaki, Takafumi 812
2014-09-18 Microwave imaging from total electric field data Takenaka, Takashi; Moriyama, Toshifumi 576
2009-11 Two-dimensional Forward-Backward Time-Stepping approach for tumor detection in dispersive breast tissues Ping, Kismet Anak Hong; Moriyama, Toshifumi; Takenaka, Takashi; Tanaka, Toshiyuki 1377
2008-08 Two-Dimensional Time-Domain Inverse Scattering for Quantitative Analysis of Breast Composition Johnson, Jessi E.; Takenaka, Takashi; Tanaka, Toshiyuki 1659


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