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"Wu, Xuezhen" のプロフィール: 5件


発行 タイトル 著者 ダウンロード数
2018-06-05 A modified strain-softening model with multi-post-peak behaviours and its application in circular tunnel Wu, Xuezhen; Jiang, Yujing; Guan, Zhenchang --
2017-05-12 A New Health Assessment Index of Tunnel Lining Based on the Digital Inspection of Surface Cracks Wu, Xuezhen; Jiang, Yujing; Wang, Jianhua; Masaya, Kusaba; Taniguchi, Tetsuya; Yamato, Takahide 296
2018-03 Estimating the support effect of energy-absorbing rock bolts based on the mechanical work transfer ability Wu, Xuezhen; Jiang, Yujing; Guan, Zhenchang; Wang, Gang --
2017 Study on the Correlation of Vibration Properties and Crack Index in the Health Assessment of Tunnel Lining Wu, Xuezhen; Jiang, Yujing; Masaya, Kusaba; Taniguchi, Tetsuya; Yamato, Takahide 129
2018-09-01 The Seepage Control of the Tunnel Excavated in High-Pressure Water Condition Using Multiple Times Grouting Method Gong, Bin; Jiang, Yujing; Okatsu, Keisuke; Wu, Xuezhen; Teduka, Jin; Aoki, Koichi 72



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