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2012-12-01 3D-ordered Nanoporous LiMPO4 (M = Fe, Mn)–Carbon Composites with Excellent Charging–Discharging Rate-capability Moriguchi, Isamu; Nabeyoshi, Shohei; Izumi, Mayato; Yamada, Hirotoshi 616
2008-01-03 Electric double layer capacitance on hierarchical porous carbons in an organic electrolyte Yamada, Hirotoshi; Moriguchi, Isamu; Kudo, Tetsuichi 991
2008-01-29 Electric Double Layer Capacitors on Hierarchical Porous Carbons Yamada, Hirotoshi; Moriguchi, Isamu 1101
2014-09-01 Interfacial phenomena between lithium ion conductors and cathodes Yamada, Hirotoshi; Suzuki, Kentaro; Nishio, Kento; Takemoto, Koshin; Isomichi, Gakuho; Moriguchi, Isamu 565
2010-01-21 Ionic Conduction at Interfaces of Solid Electrolytes and Electrodes Oga, Yusuke; Saruwatari, Isamu; Yamada, Hirotoshi; Moriguchi, Isamu 837
2013 Lithium Depletion in the Solid Electrolyte Adjacent to Cathode Materials Yamada, Hirotoshi; Suzuki, Kentaro; Oga, Yusuke; Saruwatari, Isamu; Moriguchi, Isamu 610
2012-01-24 Local Structure and Ionic Conduction at Interfaces of Electrode and Solid Electrolytes Yamada, Hirotsohi; Oga, Yusuke; Saruwatari, Isamu; Moriguchi, Isamu 797
2009-01-27 Porous V2O5/Carbon Nano-composites Electrodes for Rechargeable Power Sources with Large Capacity and High Power Moriguchi, Isamu; Matsuo, Keisuke; Yamada, Hirotoshi 908
2010-01-21 Preparation of Organic-Inorganic Nano-Composite Electrolyte Membrane for Intermediate-Temperature PEFCs Aono, Shintaro; Yamada, Hirotoshi; Moriguchi, Isamu 1264
2009-01-27 Proton Conducting Membrane Prepared from Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Precursor for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells Yamada, Hirotoshi; Aono, Shintaro; Moriguchi, Isamu 845
2012-02-04 Rapid Synthesis and Charge–Discharge Properties of LiMnPO4 Nanocrystallite-embedded Porous Carbons Aono, Shintaro; Urita, Koki; Yamada, Hirotoshi; Moriguchi, Isamu 281
2008-09-30 Rate capability of lithium intercalation into nano-porous graphitized carbons Yamada, Hirotoshi; Watanabe, Yuko; Moriguchi, Isamu; Kudo, Tetsuichi 1802
2016-12-20 Sintering Mechanisms of High-Performance Garnet-type Solid Electrolyte Densified by Spark Plasma Sintering Yamada, Hirotoshi; Ito, Tomoko; Hongahally Basappa, Rajendra 73


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