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"Yan, Chen" のプロフィール: 4件


発行 タイトル 著者 ダウンロード数
2016-10-20 Cardiosphere-Derived Cells Facilitate Heart Repair by Modulating M1/M2 Macrophage Polarization and Neutrophil Recruitment Hasan, Al Shaimaa; Luo, Lan; Yan, Chen; Zhang, Tian-Xia; Urata, Yoshishige; Goto, Shinji; Mangoura, Safwat A.; Abdel-Raheem, Mahmoud H.; Zhang, Shouhua; Li, Tao-Sheng 130
2017-01-18 Dose-dependency and reversibility of radiation-induced injury in cardiac explant-derived cells of mice Luo, Lan; Yan, Chen; Urata, Yoshishige; Hasan, Al Shaimaa; Goto, Shinji; Guo, Chang-Ying; Zhang, Shouhua; Li, Tao-Sheng 115
2018-03-20 Doxorubicin-induced mitophagy contributes to drug resistance in cancer stem cells from HCT8 human colorectal cancer cells 晏, 琛 62
2018-04-01 Nicaraven reduces cancer metastasis to irradiated lungs by decreasing CCL8 and macrophage recruitment Yan, Chen; Luo, Lan; Urata, Yoshishige; Goto, Shinji; Li, Tao-Sheng --



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