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タイトル: 芦ノ湖
その他のタイトル: Lake Ashi
発行日: 2008年 2月18日
出版者: 長崎大学附属図書館 / Nagasaki University Library
記述: 箱根関所跡付近から見た箱根宿の眺望。芦ノ湖に臨んで突き出ている二階建ての建物は旅籠はふや(現在の箱根ホテル)、その右手に続く大きな藁葺き屋根は本陣で、順に川田本陣・駒本陣・石内本陣・天野平左衛門本陣。背後の左手の山が鞍掛山(くらかけやま)で、その右側の鞍部が箱根峠。 / This is the post town of Hakone as seen from what was once the Hakone barrier station. The two-storied building projecting into Lake Ashinoko is the Hafuya Inn (present day Hakone Hotel). The large structures with thatched roofs to its right are officially appointed inns (Honjin) for the feudal lords (Daimyo) and other noblemen. They are from the left, Kawada Honjin, Koma Honjin, Ishiuchi Honjin, and Amano Heizaemon Honjin. The mountain on the left is Mt. Kurakake, and Hakone Pass is located to the right.
キーワード: 箱根 / 湖 / 山 / 集落 / Hakone / lake / mountain / community
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/12829
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目録番号: 2945
資料タイプ: Others

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