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タイトル: 長崎市における子どもの遊び場の調査と提言
その他のタイトル: A critical Study on Children's Recreation Spots in Nagasaki City and Some Recommendations for Further Improvement
著者: 利根, 佳享 / 後藤, 恵之輔 / 弓削田, 祥平
著者(別表記) : Toshine, Yoshiyuki / Gotoh, Keinosuke / Yugeta, Shohei
発行日: 2004年 1月
引用: 長崎大学工学部研究報告 Vol.34(62) p. 85-89, 2004
抄録: Recently, juvenile violence rate is sharply increasing in Japan and developed into one of the major social problems. As a result, developing healthy social environment becoming very vital agenda for reducing such violence, where construction and maintenance of safe recreation spots are considered to be very important. In this context, this study aims to investigate the status of children's recreations spots such as : parks, sports facilities, child care centers etc., by taking the case of Matsuyama Town of Nagasaki City as a case. Furthermore, problems of recreation parks are identified and possible suggestions for their improvements are provided.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/15071
ISSN: 02860902
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
出現コレクション:第34巻 第62号

引用URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10069/15071



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