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Identification of Death by Drowning by the Disorganization Method (Diatom Method)

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タイトル: Identification of Death by Drowning by the Disorganization Method (Diatom Method)
著者: Tomonaga, Tokurou
著者(別表記) : 友永, 得郎
発行日: 1960年10月25日
引用: Acta medica Nagasakiensia. 1960, 5(2-3), p.116-125
抄録: The diatom method is the most reliable to determine whether or not a cadaver found in water is a case of death by drowing. Studies on the distribution of diatoms in fresh-and sea-water have found them present in all sorts of natural water including subterranean water, rain, water from waterworkers, and even in the soil. Therefore, a death by drowing in whatever sort of natural water can be identified by the diatom method. If one dies after drowning, the water enters into the organs of the systemic circulation through the lung and at the same time into the stomach and intestine. If one dies before being thrown into water, the water enters into the lung and the stomach, but neither into the organs of the systemic circulation nor into the duodenum and other distal parts of intestinal tract. For the diatom method the other suitable organs for examination beside the lung are the liver and kidney, the examination of the contents of the stomach and intestine for diatoms also being important. The time and place of death by drowing can be determined by the diatom method. Whether drowning has taken place in river or sea is easy to tell by resorting to the diatom method, being available even for a skeltonized body. This disorganizing procedure of the diatom method is usually carried out on a sand dish, although special purpose of examination requires heating on a water bath.
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出現コレクション:Volume 5, No. 2-3

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