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長野県金峯鉱山産 Ferrohastingsite

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タイトル: 長野県金峯鉱山産 Ferrohastingsite
その他のタイトル: Ferrohastingsite from the Kinbu Mine, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
著者: 松本, 征夫
著者(別表記) : Matsumoto, Yukio
発行日: 1968年 2月29日
引用: 長崎大学教養部紀要. 自然科学. 1968, 8, p.39-47
抄録: A new occurence of ferrohastingsite has been recently recognized by author in the skarn zone of the Kinbu Mine, Nagano Prefecture. This ferrohastingsite occurs as fibrous aggregates, having a dark green colour, associated with hedenbergite and andradite. This ferrohastingsite has the following physical and optical poperties: H=5.5~6; sp. gr.=3.40±0.01; α=1.700, β=1.715, γ=1.718;-2V=34°~36°; Z∧c=10°~12°; X=greenish yellow, Y=brownish green, Z=bluish green. The chemical compositions of this ferrohastingsite are given in Table 2, viz. SiO2 41.36, TiO2 1.44, Al203 9.49, Fe2O3 5.23, FeO 25.48, MnO 0.57, MgO 2.14, CaO 10.24, Na2O 1.14, K2O 1.36, H2O(+) 2.09, H2O(-) 0.00, F 0.08, Cl 0.23, (less O for F and Cl 0.09), total 100.76%. The formula for this mineral is given as (Na0.34 K0.28)0.62 Ca1.73(Fe"3.35 Mg0.51 Mn0.08)3.94 (Fe"′0.02 Ti0.17Al0.27)1.06(Si6.51Al1.49)8.00(O21.70OH0.30)22.00(OH1.89F0.04C10.07)2.00 X-ray powder datas of ferrohastingsite from the Kinbu and Obira Mine are also given in table 4.
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ISSN: 02871319
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