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Title: 長崎県民の健康・スポーツに関する調査研究-身体活動が中高年女子の有酸素的作業能,体格,体組成及び自覚症状等に及ほす影響
Other Titles: Investigation of Health and Sports Activity in Nagasaki Prefecture -Training Effects on Aerobic Work Capacity, Physique, Body Composition and Subjective Symptoms in Sedentary Middle-aged Women
Authors: 田原, 靖昭 / 神, 文雄 / 菅原, 正志 / 今中, 国泰 / 山内, 正毅 / 田井村, 明博 / 高原, 順子 / 小原, 達朗 / 栗山, 史朗
Authors (alternative): Tahara, Yasuaki / Jin, Fumio / Sugawara, Masashi / Imanaka, Kuniyasu / Yamauchi, Masaki / Taimura, Akihiro / Takahara, Junko / Obara, Tatsuro / Kuriyama, Shiro
Issue Date: 25-Feb-1982
Citation: 長崎大学教養部紀要. 自然科学篇. 1982, 22(2), p.247-270
Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the changes in aerobic work capacity in respiro-circulatory responses and anthropometric measures of middle-aged women (29 to 50 years) through one year and nine months of physical training. The training duration was from one and half hours to two hours and the training frequency was two days a week. Those changes and measurements were compared, based on the data of the pre-training and post-training period. The results were as follows: 1. Body weight and girth of abdomen showed non-significant reduction at post-training. 2. Skinfold thickness showed significant reduction in triceps, scapular and abdomen at post-training (P<0.05). 3. Flexibility (chest and leg raising) increased significantly at post-training (P<0.01). 4. Step-test score and "all out time" (exhaustive time) of treadmill walking increased significantly (P<0.01). 5. Average values of aerobic work capacity, i. e, V_O2 max (l/min), V_O2 max (ml/kg/ min), V_E (l/min) for maximal work load increased significantly by 28.2%, 28.5% with the habitual physical training. V_O2 (l/min, ml/kg/min) at a given submaximal work did not change but the correponding heart rate decreased significantly at post-training. 0_2- pulse of step test and of submaximal work (treadmill walking) increased at post-training. 6. Systolic pressure (mmHg) at resting state and after the step test decreased by 7.0 mmHg, 10.5 mmHg respectively after the training. 7. Vital capacity, timed vital capacity, ratio of second and % of vital capacity increased at post-training (P<0.05). Ratio of complaining of subjective symptoms (lumbago, constipation, breathlessness, shoulder stiffness and wearisomeness) decreased at post training. Therefore, it may be concluded from these results (1. through 8.) that 50-60% V_O2 max training over the period one year and mine months was useful to improve aerobic work capacity in both performance and resources of sedentary middle-aged female subjects. It required a long training period to decrease anthropometric measures (body weight, skinfold thickness, girth of abdomen); on the other hand, training effects on aerobic work capacity was evident in a comparatively short training period. To summarize our interpretation of the results, we can conclude as follows: habitual physical activity has direct effects upon the aerobic work capacity, physique, body composition and subjective symptoms of middle-aged women.
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