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Palynology of the Tertiary sediments of southern Assam, India

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Title: Palynology of the Tertiary sediments of southern Assam, India
Authors: Kumar, Arun / Takahashi, Kiyoshi
Issue Date: Jan-1991
Citation: 長崎大学教養部紀要. 自然科学篇. 1991, 31(2), p.515-659
Abstract: A thick Tertiary clastic sequence of deltaic origin is exposed along the Silchar and Haflong road section in southern part of Assam. These rocks extend southward in the Cachar Basin where petroleum exploration is in progress. This sequence has been divided into several lithostratigraphic units with extremely scarce occurrence of any fossil which can be used for age determination, biozonation and for correlation purposes. However, a rich assemblage of playnomorphs have been recovered from various lithounits. A large number of palynomorph assembalges have been defined for all the different lithounits so that they can be identified in the subsurface. The distribution of palynomorphs in various lithostratigraphic units is provided. This work is predominantly of morphotaxonomic nature. The following nineteen new species are proposed, they are, Acanthotriletes triangulatus, Assamialetes minutus, Corrusporis indicus, Cycadaceaelagenella minor, Cycadaceaelagenella psilata, Dicolpopollis psilatus, Intertrilets reticulatus, Intrapunctosporis cacharensis, Laevigatosporites robustus, Meyeripollis triradiatus, Polyvestibulopollenites assamicus, Psilastephanocolpites elongatus, Psilastephanocolpites minutus, Retibrevitricolpites macroreticulatus, Retipilonapites barakensis, Scabrastephanocolpites ovatus, Striatocolporites minor, Verrucosisporites miocenicus and Verrutriporites sparsiverrucatus. Eleven new combinations are also proposed, they are Cicatricosisporites pachyexinous (Striatriletes pachyexinous), Cicatricosisporites susannae (Stratriletes susannae), Leiotriletes eocenicus (Lygodiumsporites eocenicus), Monocolpopollenites communis (Palmaepollenites communis), Monocolpopollenites subtilis (Palmaepollenites subtilis), Pityosporites classicus (Podocarpidites classicus), Pityosporites foveolatus (Pinuspollenites foveolatus), Polypodiidites oligocen-icus (Polypodiisporites oligocenicus), Triporopollenites betulaceaeformis (Triporites betulaceaeformis), Verrucatosporites ornatus (Polypodiisporites ornatus) and Verrucatosporites speciosus (Polypodiisporites speciosus). Several species are described, illustrated and provisionally named in open nomenclature because extremely rare specimens were recorded, and some of them were poorly preserved making it difficult for their taxonomic placement.
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