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Peak Oxygen Uptake and Respiratory Function in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury

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Title: Peak Oxygen Uptake and Respiratory Function in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
Authors: Yamasaki, Masahiro / Komura, Takashi / Tahara, Yasuaki / Katsuno, Kumiko / Fukuyama, Yumiko / Michimuko, Ryo / Fujiie, Kaoru
Issue Date: Jan-1996
Publisher: 日本生理人類学会
Citation: Applied human science : journal of physiological anthropology. 1996, 15(1), p.13-17
Abstract: This study investigated the association between peak oxygen uptake (peak Vo_2) during arm cranking exercise and respiratory function in paraplegics. Fourteen male paraplegics were recruited for the present study. The subjects were grouped according to the level of injury into the HL (Th3-Th8) and LL (Th11-L3) group. Prior to the maximal test, pulmonary function, including vital capacity (VC) and residual volume (RV), was measured in the sitting position. Mean peak Vo_2 in the LL group (1662 mlロin^-1) was significantly greater than that in the IIL group (1357 mlロin^-1), corresponding to 82% of that in the LL group (P ≦0.05). Inrespiratory function, the HL group showed marked restrictive impairment of ventilatory function. That is, VC and RV were significantly lower in the HL group than in the LL group (P≦0.05). The reduction in VC and RV is related to the degree of loss of control in respiratory functioning muscle mass. However, there was no clear-cut correlation between respiratory function and peak V02 expressed as a function of body mass (mlkg^-1 min^-1). In addition, a multiple linear regression analysis revealed that RV and VC were not associated with peak V0_2 (mlロin^-1) in contrast to the importance of body mass. It seems reasonable to conclude from these results that respiratory function is not an important factor in determining peak Vo_2 in the paraplegic
Keywords: spinal cord injury / respiratory function / arm cranking exercise / peak oxygen uptake
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/16802
ISSN: 13413473
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