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Title: 女子学生の体型と体型認識に関する研究
Other Titles: Physique and Its Recognition In Female Students
Authors: 浦田, 秀子 / 西山, 久美子 / 勝野, 久美子 / 福山, 由美子 / 田代, 隆良 / 田川, 泰 / 田原, 靖昭
Authors (alternative): Urata, Hideko / Nishiyama, Kumiko / Katsuno, Kumiko / Fukuyama, Yumiko / Tashiro, Takayoshi / Tagawa, Yutaka / Tahara, Yasuaki
Issue Date: Dec-2001
Citation: 長崎大学医学部保健学科紀要 = Bulletin of Nagasaki University School of Health Sciences. 2001, 14(2), p.43-48
Abstract: 女子学生573名を対象に,BMIおよび体脂肪率(%Fat)による体型と体型認識との関係を検討した.BMIと%Fatとの間には相関係数0.741で高い相関関係があったが,BMIは普通群であるが%Fatが28%以上の者,いわゆる"隠れ肥満者"が35名含まれていた.隠れ肥満者は全対象者の6.1%,肥満者の71.4%であった.隠れ肥満は生活習慣との関連が高く,生活習慣の改善や,身体組成,脂肪分布を考慮した体型評価が重要である.また,「太っている」と認識している者は409名(71.3%)であった.BMIでは16から,%Fatでは16%から「太っている」と認識している者がおり,体型と認識との間に乖離がみられた.約9割の者は理想体重を現体重より低く設定しており,理想体重によるBMIは19.0であった.現代の若年女性はやせ願望が強く,誤った体型認識による健康障害を予防するためにも,医学的根拠に基づいて適正に体型認識ができるような健康教育が重要である. / We examined 573 female students and analyzed the relation of the physique and the recognition of it, by body mass index (BMI) and percent body fat (% Fat). There was high correlation between BMI and %Fat by the coefficient correlation of 0.741. However, among these group with BMI in normal range, there were 35 girls whose %Fat were more than 28%, so called masked obesity. The masked obesity was 6.1% of all the object and 71.4% of the obese group (% Fat≧28%). As masked obesity is associated with the life habits, it is important to improve of the life habits, and to recognize the appropriate physique in consideration of body composition and fat distribution. And, 409 girls (71.3%) regarded themselves as overweight. Some girls with BMI of more than 16, and %Fat of more than 16 regarded themselves as overweight, thus there was disparity between the physique and the awareness. About 90% of the girls regarded their ideal body weight lower than the actual weight, and BMI by the ideal body weight was 19.0. As modern young girls have a strong desire to be thin, health education, which leads them to an appropriate recognition based on the medical basis is important to prevent health disturbance caused by the inappropriate recognition of their physique.
Keywords: 女子学生 / BMI / 体脂肪率 / 体型認識 / 隠れ肥満
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/17949
ISSN: 09160841
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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