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タイトル: 肺がん患者からの質問と看護師が必要と認識する患者教育
その他のタイトル: The frequency of questions from lung cancer patients and the knowledge required by nurses when treating cancer patients
著者: 石原, 和子 / 安藤, 悦子 / 中村, エイ子 / 江藤, 栄子 / 小林, 初子 / 下田, 澄江 / 志水, 友加
著者(別表記) : Ishihara, Kazuko / Ando, Etsuko / Nakamura, Eiko / Eto, Eiko / Kobayashi, Hatsuko / Shimoda, Sumie / Shimizu, Yuka
発行日: 2003年12月
引用: 長崎大学医学部保健学科紀要 = Bulletin of Nagasaki University School of Health Sciences. 2003, 16(2), p.13-22
抄録: 肺がん患者に有用性のある患者教育プログラムを提供するためには,幅広い情報源を得る必要がある.その第一段階として臨床における看護師が肺がん患者から受ける質問と看護師が必要と認識する患者教育についてアンケート調査を実施した.倫理的配慮として看護部にアンケート調査の趣旨を説明し協力をお願いした.看護師長会を通して承諾が得られ,調査の趣旨を理解し同意を得られた58名の看護師を対象者とした.アンケート構成はGertrud Grahnら(1990)の先行研究に基づいた9項目である.対象者58名の看護師は,外科病棟看護師29名と内科病棟看護師29名である.臨床経験年数は,1年~10年末満56.8%,11年~20年22.4%,21年以上19.0%,未回答1名1.7%であった.看護師が患者から受けた質問は,「身体の正常な働き」,「治療法」,「副作用」に関する項目が収集された.一方,看護師が必要と認識する患者教育も「身体の正常な働き」,「治療法」,「副作用」に関する項目であった.患者教育プログラムを開発するに当たって第一段階の調査は,臨床看護師が患者から受けた質問と看護師の必要と認識した患者教育プログラムの項目に差異はなかった. / To clarify the typical questions asked by lung cancer patients who were treated by surgical procedures and chemotherapy while hospitalized. A questionnaire was conducted after explanation the purpose to the Nursing Department hospital of N University Medicine and Dentistry, and then obtaining approval of the Head Nurses and the staff nurses of the internal and the surgical wards. We carried out a questionnaire survey regarding the need to educate patients based on Gertrud Grahn et al. (1990). The questionnaire consisted of 9 questions about the characteristics of lung cancer diseases. Statistical analyses were made by using the SPSS statistical package for Windows, and a value of P<0.05 was considered significant on the Mann-Whitney test. Replies were obtained from 58 subjects. The subjects included 29 nurses assigned to the surgical ward and 29 nurses assigned to the internal ward. The duration of clinical experience was more than 1 year but less than 10 years in 56.8%, more than 11 years but less than 20 years in 22.4%, more than 21 years in 19.0%, and unknown in 1.7%. Conclusions: The results of this questionnaire survey could be summarized as follows in terms of the nurses perception of the basic knowledge needed for lung cancer patients. Concerning the nurse's perception of educational support for cancer patients, it was determined that nurses need knowledge about "the normal functions of the human body" and "the treatment methods and their side-effects". Through this study, it was confirmed that the staff nurses of the internal and the surgical wards did report receiving questions from patients, there were also the knowledge required on these same questions by nurses when treating cancer patients.
キーワード: 肺がん患者 / 患者教育プログラム / 臨床看護師の認識 / 患者教育 / Lung Cancer / Educational program for patient / The awareness of clinical nurses / Patient education
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18009
ISSN: 09160841
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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