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Living Status and Cardiopulmonary Function of Persons with Severe Cerebral Palsy

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Title: Living Status and Cardiopulmonary Function of Persons with Severe Cerebral Palsy
Other Titles: 重度脳性麻痺者の生活能力と心肺機能
Authors: Akiyama, Tomitaro / Senjyu, Hideaki / Nakano, Hiroyuki / Tsurusaki, Toshiya / Inokuchi, Shigeru / Matsusaka, Nobuo / Fujita, Masaaki / Ogi, Shohei / Kawaguchi, Yukiyoshi
Authors (alternative): 穐山, 富太郎 / 千住, 秀明 / 中野, 裕之 / 鶴崎, 俊哉 / 井口, 茂 / 松坂, 誠應 / 藤田, 雅章 / 大城, 昌平 / 川口, 幸義
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1989
Citation: 長崎大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 = Bulletin of the School of Allied Medical Sciences, Nagasaki University. 1989, 2, p.13-24
Abstract: 重度脳性麻痺者の心肺機能を施設群と在宅群,アセトーゼ型と痙直型,A-DL自立群と非自立群などに分けて,安静時と運動負荷時の両者で評価した。 結論として, 1.重度脳性麻痺者の呼吸機能は健常者のそれと比較して半減していた。 2.施設群の呼吸機能は在宅群のそれに比較して有意の差で後者がすぐれていた。前者は健常者の約1/3の計測値を示した。 3.社会的自立群は非自立群に比して,ADL の自立や運動機能と関係なく,呼吸機能がすぐれていた。 4.standing 群とnon-standing 群との比較では全体として前者が高い呼吸機能を示した。 5.アセトーゼ群は痙直群と比較して,より高い呼吸機能を有していた。 / Most of persons with severe cerebral palsy are caused pain due to osteoarthritis or hypertone as their age advances to 20 or more. As a result, ADL is restricted and living ability drops. On the other hand, those who actively participate in social activity despite the inability of ADL seem to maintain a high livelihood ability and have less pain due to hypertone. A study was carried out in search for the relationship between actual status of living of the persons with severe cerebral palsy and their cardiopulmonary and physical functions. The subjects consisted of 14 persons staying at facilities for the handicapped and 9 staying at home, totaling 23 ; 13 males and 10 females, age ranging from 22 to 42 mean being 31. The cardiopulmonary function was assessed at rest and at physical load. The items of measurement were TV, VE, RR, VO2, VCO2, METS, VO2/W, SaO2, and ALL OUT TIME. A comparison was made respectively between 1. facility and home groups, 2. athetotic type and spastic type groups, 3. deformative thorax and nondeformative groups, 4. ADL self-managing and non managing groups,and 5. socially independent and dependent groups.(Results) 1. The respiratory function,especially VO2/W was lower in the facility group compared to home group. 2. Superior in athetotic type to spastic type. 3. Lower in deformative thorax group compared to non-deformative group. 4. The ADL self-managing group tended to show a better respiratory function (especially ventilation) than the non-self managing group. 5. The socially independent group compared to dependent group was definitely superior in respiratory function (especially ventilation,VO2/W). Most of those whose social independency was high were superior in cardiopulmonary and physical functions even though their mobility was poor. It is very difficult for the severely handicapped to attain social independency but their mind of independency and will power they acquired through their struggles with handicap are more than normal pesons. Their continued activities to participate in social life should be encouraged.
Keywords: Cerebral palsy / cardiopulmonary function / home group / facility group / ADL
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18084
ISSN: 09160841
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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