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当短大看護学科学生のPlasma Ironレベルと保健生活意識について-第Ⅰ期から第Ⅱ期への変動と要因に関して-

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Title: 当短大看護学科学生のPlasma Ironレベルと保健生活意識について-第Ⅰ期から第Ⅱ期への変動と要因に関して-
Other Titles: Plasma lron Level and Consciousness of a Healthy Life with the Student Nurses in the College-Changes by Factors Between the Tests I and II-
Authors: 藤尾, ミツ子 / 二之宮, 実知子 / 酒井, 紀子
Authors (alternative): Fujio, Mitsuko / Ninomiya, Michiko / Sakai, Noriko
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1989
Citation: 長崎大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 = Bulletin of the School of Allied Medical Sciences, Nagasaki University. 1989, 2, p.75-87
Abstract: 当短大看護学科の学生の12月における表情には学年毎に著しい相違がみられる.例年実習中の2年生(B学年)には風邪ひき中のものが多く顔色も蒼白い.そこで学年毎に血液検査及びアンケート調査(自覚症状,食生活,月経及びそれらの意識)を行い4ケ月後第Ⅱ期の検査及び調査を実施した. 1. 第Ⅰ期(12月)では血液検査は実習中のB学年が3学年中最低値を示した. 2. 同じく血清データによる鉄欠乏レベルの判定ではB学年は健康レベルにいるものが少ない. 3. 更にB学年では精神的疲労の訴えが有意に高い. 4. 第Ⅱ期(4月)ではB学年のみ著明な改善をみた.特にS-Fe,S-I,Tf -Sat の改善は著明であった. 5. 健康レベル判定でもB学年は著明にupした.全体的に健康者は前回より有意に高率であった. 6. しかしアンケート調査ではB学年に有意な項目はなかった.健康レベルのupした群の特徴として「1ランクでも上がりたい」「次回までに改善しよう」の項目が高かったが,アンケートの答え方として多くの項目中いろいろやったとは答えない傾向がみられた. / A marked difference in expression of the student nurses of this college used to be noted in December by the respective graders. Many of the second year students (B Graders) under the practical training course have cold showing the pale face. Thus a series of the blood test and the questionnaire (subjective symptoms, mode of diet, menstruation and consciousness on them) was conducted followed by the second second 4 months lacter. 1. The B graders ranked the lowest in the blood test among the 3 graders. 2. The less number of B graders was noted to be healthy according to the test for plasma iron levels. 3. A complaint of mental fatigue was significantly high with the B graders. 4. Those who revealed a marked improvement in the second series of tests were the B graders only. Specially improvement of S-Fe, S-I, and Tf-Sat was notable. 5. The B graders showed markedly levelled up health conditions. As a whol those in good health were noted at a significantly high rate compared with that in the first series of tests. 6. However, according to the result of questionnaire there was no significant item stated by the B graders. It was characteristic of those levelled up in health that many of them put marks on the items ; 'desires to be levelled even a rank up' and 'willing to be better by the second series of tests'; besides they were apt to state no reply as to their trials in various items.
Keywords: 短大女子学生 / 鉄欠乏性貧血 / 血漿鉄レベル / Health life survey
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18090
ISSN: 09160841
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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