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Title: 成人精神遅滞者における変形と運動機能について
Other Titles: Deformity and Motor Function in Mentally Retarded Adults
Authors: 中野, 裕之 / 穐山, 富太郎 / 木村, 勝志 / 熊川, 健二 / 佐野, 佳恵 / 井口, 茂 / 大島, 吉英 / 吉田, 佳弘 / 沖田, 実 / 富永, 雅之
Authors (alternative): Nakano, Hiroyuki / Akiyama, Tomitaro / Kimura, Katusi / Kumagawa, Kenji / Sano, Yosie / Inoguti, Sigeru / Osima, Yosihide / Yosida, Yosihiro / Okita, Minoru / Tominaga, Masayuki
Issue Date: 30-Mar-1991
Citation: 長崎大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 = Bulletin of the School of Allied Medical Sciences, Nagasaki University. 1991, 4, p.29-37
Abstract: 近年,脳性麻痺児に対する早期総合療育が認識され実践されつつある,一方,精神遅滞児の早期からの療育への取り組みは一般的なものとはいえない. そこで,われわれは,施設入所の成人精神遅滞者60名(年齢24.6±5.0,男15名,女45名)について,運動機能,生活能力などの実態を調査した. この結果をもとに,精神遅滞者のライフサイクルの観点にたち,長期的スパンでの療育について検討した. 1)知能指数を重度群,中度群,軽度群(文部省通達の基準)の3段階に分類し,各群間で変形,平衡反応,日常生活動作などを比較した. 2)姿勢の不良,上下肢の変形は45名(75%)にみられた. 3)平衡反応テストで3歳レベルを通過できたものは8名(13.3%)であった。 4)身の回り動作の自立は,27名(45%)であった. 以上より精神遅滞児の運動療法は,早期よりの不良姿勢の防止,変形の予防,平衡反応の強化などが発達促進を計ると考えられた. / Recently, therapeutic care children with cerebral palsy at the early stage has been appreciated and exercised. On the other hand, early therapeutic care for mentally retarded children may not be satisfactory. We studied the actual state of motor function and living ability in 60 mentally retarded adults who were residents of institutions (age 24. ± 5.0, 15 males and 45 females). Based on the results of the actual state survey, early therapeutic care for the mentally retarded was necessary to consider from the point of view of their life cycle. 1) The subjects were divided by IQ into three groups of severe, moderate and mild according to the standards notified by the Ministry of Education. 2) Poor posture and/or deformed extremities were observed in 45 subjects (75%). 3) Only 8 subjects (13.3%) have passed the balance reaction test with 3-year-old level. 4) 27 subjects (45%) could look after themselves in daily life. As for the therapeutic exercise for the mentally retarded, prevention of poor posture and defomity, and reinforcement of balance reaction were considered to be helpful for the promotion of development.
Keywords: 成人精神遅滞者 / 変形 / 平衡反応 / 日常生活動作
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18132
ISSN: 09160841
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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