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Title: 腰痛症患者における不良姿勢と身体機能について
Other Titles: Abnormal Posture and Physical Function on Low Back Pain
Authors: 沖田, 実 / 中野, 裕之 / 井口, 茂 / 鶴崎, 俊哉 / 穐山, 富太郎 / 中島, 徳子 / 山野, 美穂 / 池田, 定倫 / 国友, 伸子
Authors (alternative): Okita, Minoru / Nakano, Hiroyuki / Inokuchi, Shigeru / Turusaki, Toshiya / Akiyama, Tomitarou / Nakashima, Noriko / Yamano, Miho / Ikeda, Sadamichi / Kunitomo, Nobuko
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1994
Citation: 長崎大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 = Bulletin of the School of Allied Medical Sciences, Nagasaki University. 1994, 7, p.61-67
Abstract: 腰痛症患者90名(男性34名,女性56名)を対象に,不良姿勢に関連する要因を年齢や肥満度,筋力などから検討した.その結果,対象者の51.1%に不良姿勢が観察され,それらは老・高齢期に多く,肥満者も多かった.体幹筋,下肢筋の伸張性は,姿勢の変化に関わらず制限されていた。不良姿勢の要因としては,年齢,肥満度,体幹筋の伸張性が大きく関連していた。また,筋力と年齢,下肢筋の伸張性には,姿勢の変化に関わらず相関が認められ,不良姿勢群では,体幹筋の伸張性と下肢筋の伸張性にも相関が認められた.これらのことより,腰痛症患者に対しては,姿勢矯正や治療体操に加え,的確な運動処方など,全身調整を含めた理学療法の実践が重要であると認識された. / This study was carried out to examine the factors related to abnormal posture of patients with low back pain. Subjects were 90 patients (34 males and 56 females) with low back pain. As a result, 1)The incidence of abnormal postures was 51.1% 2)A majority of these patients were the aged and had obesity. 3)The elasticity of spinal muscles and lower limb muscles were poor regardless of whether with abnormal postures or not. 4)Abnormal postures were closely associated with the age, the obesity and the elasticity of spinal muscles. 5)Generally there was a trend that the younger was the age and the greater was the elasticity of lower limb muscles, the better was the scores of muscular power. Moreover the scores of the elasticity of spinal muscles was correlated with that of lower limb muscles in the abnormal posture group. It was recognized that the practice of the adequate therapeutic exercise including the whole body adjustment was indispensable to low back pain.
Keywords: 腰痛症・不良姿勢・身体機能
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18212
ISSN: 09160841
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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