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Title: 離島集団検診における未受診者の課題
Other Titles: Issues involving long term non-participants in a mass screening program from one town.
Authors: 石原, 和子 / 冨岡, 勉 / 今中, 悦子 / 大熊, 恵子 / 松本, 麻里 / 志水, 友加 / 片穂野, 邦子 / 押川, 陽子 / 兼松, 隆之 / 隅田, 澄子
Authors (alternative): Ishihara, Kazuko / Tomioka, Tsutomu / Imanaka, Etsuko / Okuma, Keiko / Matsumoto, Mari / Shimizu, Yuka / Katahono, Kuniko / Oshikawa, Yoko / Kanematsu, Takashi / Sumida, Sumiko
Issue Date: 2-Mar-1999
Citation: 長崎大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 = Bulletin of the School of Allied Medical Sciences, Nagasaki University. 1999, 12, p.135-139
Abstract: 五島奈留町において昭和46年から毎年継続して集団検診を行ってきて,平成10年で27年になる.総合検診が確立した昭和60年から平成7年までの11年間の集団検診のデータを基に調査を行い,昭和60年から平成2年の6年間を前期,平成3年から平成7年の5年間を後期とした.癌死亡率の推移を見ると,前期平均31.1%,後期平均27.3%と有意(P<0.005)に漸減傾向を示し<表.1>,平成7年の全国平均28.5%に比べても有意(P<0.01)に低い値を示した.これは長期集団検診の効果として評価に値すると一応の結論づけをした.しかし,離島の地域住民の健康維持増進に効果を与えるはずの集団検診に未受診者が多いという問題が提起された. そこで,5年間で一度も受診しなかった40歳以上の882名(男427名:女455名)を対象に未受診の理由に関するアンケート調査と電話・訪問面接を実施し,未受診者への対策と効果的な集団検診のあり方について考察した. / A mass screening program for cancer has been carried out in the town of Naru in Nagasaki Prefecture since 1971. According to the data obtained from the general mass screening between 1985 and 1995, the mortality rate of all cancers in the late period (1991-1995, 27.3%) in Naru town was significantly lower than in the early period (1985-1990, 31.1%, P<0.005) and also the rate was lower for all Japan in the late period (28.5%) <Table 1>. We thus concluded this long term general mass screening program to be an effective community measure for reducing the mortality rate of cancers. However, various issues remain regarding non-participants in the mass screening program among inhabitants who live in such a medically depopulated area. We carried out a questionnaire survey and an interview both by telephone and home visits, on a total of 882 individuals (males:427,females:455) who had not participted in the mass screening program for at least 5 years and were all over 40 years of age and residents of Naru town. The objective of this story was to evaluate the non-participants in this mass screening program.
Keywords: 集団検診 / 未受診者 / 癌死亡率 / Mass screening / Non-participants / Mortality rate
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18302
ISSN: 09160841
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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