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タイトル: 地域在住高齢者の日常生活行動と介護保険サービス利用状況
その他のタイトル: Daily Living Activities of Community-Dwelling Elderly People and How the Nursing Care Insurance Service Is Used
著者: 川崎, 涼子 / 森下, 路子 / 中尾, 理恵子 / 射場, 久子
著者(別表記) : Kawasaki, Ryoko / Morishita, Michiko / Nakao, Rieko / Iba, Hisako
発行日: 2007年10月
出版者: 長崎大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科保健学専攻
引用: 保健学研究. 2007, 20(1), p. 49-57
抄録: 目的:A町の65歳以上の在宅高齢者936人を対象にして,生活活動状況と介護保険サービス利用状況との関連を明らかにする 結果: 1)対象の内訳は単独世帯24%,高齢者世帯37%,「その他の世帯」38%であり,特に女性に単独世帯の割合が高かった. 2)性・年齢と生活活動状況との関連をみると,男性では「一人で外出」「買い物」において70-74歳と75-79歳の間で有意差があり,女性では,「一人で外出」「買い物」「金銭管理」「入浴」において80-84歳と85-89歳の間で有意差がみられた. 3)世帯と生活活動状況との関連をみると,単独世帯の生活活動得点が他の世帯と比べて有意に高くなっていた. 4)生活活動状況を介護保険サービス利用状況別で比較すると,サービスを利用している(利用あり)が,生活活動得点が低く,介護保険の認定を受けているがサービスを利用していないもの(認定のみ),サービスを利用していないもの(利用なし)それぞれと比べると統計的に差がみられた.しかし認定のみと利用なしの間では差がみられなかった.この傾向は世帯別でみると単独世帯で強くみられた. 以上の結果からA町では,介護サービス認定を早めに受けようとしている傾向があることが示唆された. / Objective: The purpose of this article is to clarify the relation between daily living activities and how the nursing care insurance service is used. Subjects: The subjects were 936 elderly people aged 65 years and older living at home in A. Town. Results:(1)The breakdown of the subjects was as follows: the households in which the subjects lived alone accounted for 24%, those in which elderly people lived 37%, and the households other than these accounted for 38%. The proportion of the women who lived alone was noticeably high.(2)Regarding the relation between sex, age group and their living activities, there were significant differences(going out alone and shopping alone)among 70-74 years old and 75-79 years old in men . There were significant differences(going out alone, shopping alone, the money management, and bathing)among 80-84 years old and 85-89 years old in the women.(3)Regarding the relation between the households and their living activities, the scores of the households in which the subjects lived alone were significantly higher than those of other households.(4)When living activities were compared in how the nursing care insurance was used, those who were using it scored less in living activities, which showed a statistical difference when compared with "only the designation," which means those people who were not using the service although they were designated as in need of nursing care insurance service, or "not using the service," which means those people who were not using the nursing care insurance service. However, no difference was observed between "only the designation" and "not using the service." When looked at in terms of the households, these tendencies were more conspicuously observed in the households in which the elderly people lived alone. Conclusion: All of these results suggest that in A. Town elderly people tend to have their nursing care insurance service designated earlier than usual.
キーワード: 高齢者 / 介護保険サービス / 日常生活行動 / Community-dwelling elderly people / Activities of daily living / Nursing care insurance service
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/18771
ISSN: 18814441
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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