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The Effect of X-irradiation on RNA Synthesis during Tryptophan Pyrrolase Induction in Rat Liver

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タイトル: The Effect of X-irradiation on RNA Synthesis during Tryptophan Pyrrolase Induction in Rat Liver
著者: Atsuta, Joe / Okajima, Shunzo
著者(別表記) : 熱田, 襄 / 岡島, 俊三
発行日: 1968年 9月
出版者: 日本放射線影響学会
引用: Journal of radiation research. 1968, 9(3-4), p.135-140
抄録: The effect of X-irradiation on ^<32>P incorporation into both nuclear and cytoplasmic liver RNA of the adrenalectomized rats treated with single or combined inducer, cortisone and L-tryptophan was studied. The single administration of tryptophan as that of cortisone increased the synthesis of nuclear RNA. The tryptophan-induced increase was significantly suppressed by 500 R whole-body X-irradiation, while the cortisone-induced RNA synthesis was not affected by irradiation. No X-ray-induced inhibition of the RNA synthesis was observed in the case of the combined administration of both cortisone and tryptophan, while combined administration of the inducers produced the most marked acceleration of RNA synthesis. When chromatographic patterns of specific activity of RNA prepared from irradiated animals were compared to those of unirradiated animals, it was found that the synthesis of RNA fractions eluted beyond the absorbancy peak of r-RNA was significantly suppressed by irradiation in the animals treated singly with tryptophan, and that this suppressed synthesis of RNA was not observed in the cortisone induction and was eliminated by the additional administration of cortisone to the tryptophantreated animals.
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ISSN: 04493060
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