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Delayed Induction of Telomere Instability in Normal Human Fibroblast Cells by Ionizing Radiation

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タイトル: Delayed Induction of Telomere Instability in Normal Human Fibroblast Cells by Ionizing Radiation
著者: Ojima Mitsuaki 1 Hamano Hiroki 2 Suzuki Masatoshi 3 Suzuki Keiji 4 Kodama Seiji 5 Watanabe Masami
発行日: 2004年 3月
出版者: 日本放射線影響学会
引用: Journal of radiation research. 2004, 45(1), p.105-110
抄録: We examined the delayed induction of telomere instability in hTERT-immortalized normal human fibroblast (BJl-hTERT) cells exposed to X-rays. BJl-hTERT cells were irradiated with 2 Gy of X-rays, and chromosome aberrations were analyzed 24 hours after irradiation and in the surviving cells 14 days after X-ray exposure. We found that the X-ray-surviving cells showed an increased frequency of chromatid gaps and breaks and chromosome fragments compared to the control cells. Furthermore, centromere- and telomere-FISH revealed that the frequency of telomere loss and duplication significantly increased in surviving cells compared to the control level. Because no induction of telomere abnormality was observed in cells 24 hours after irradiation, X-irradiation might not affect telomeres directly, but it specifically induces delayed telomere instability in normal human fibroblast cells.
キーワード: Ionizing radiation Genomic instability Normal human cells Telomere
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/19133
ISSN: 04493060
関連リンク : http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110004040999/
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資料タイプ: Journal Article
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出現コレクション:110 学術雑誌論文

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