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Effects of Exogenous Lipid Peroxides on Mortality and Tissue Alterations in Japanese Pearl Oysters Pinctada fucata martensii

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タイトル: Effects of Exogenous Lipid Peroxides on Mortality and Tissue Alterations in Japanese Pearl Oysters Pinctada fucata martensii
著者: Sugishita, Yoshiyuki / Hirano, Mizuki / Tsutsumi, Kenichi / Mobin, S. M. A. / Kanai, Kinya / Yoshikoshi, Kazuma
発行日: 2005年 9月
出版者: American Fisheries Society
引用: Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, 17(3), pp.233-243; 2005
抄録: The effects of exogenous lipid peroxides, suspected to be a cellular injury factor that causes mass mortalities of cultured Japanese pearl oysters Pinctada fucata martensii, were investigated in vivo and in vitro. Cumulative mortalities of experimental oysters exposed to oxidized oils in suspension (fish feed oil) or emulsion (methyl linoleate) were approximately 40% after 8 or 9 weeks, whereas mortalities were 0.0% (suspension) and 5.6% (emulsion) in control oysters exposed to unoxidized oils. Pathological changes observed in experimental oysters were characterized by blebbing and necrosis of cells in various organs that had spread from the digestive organ and were identical to those observed in diseased oysters from natural mass mortalities. The thiobarbituric acid values of experimental oysters were consistently and significantly higher than those of control oysters. An in vitro exposure examination also demonstrated that oxidized oil caused conspicuous blebbing and necrosis in the epithelial cells of the digestive organ. These results suggest that organic pollution caused by suspended solids containing lipid peroxides, emulsion of oxidized oils, or both is a major environmental factor that chronically damages tissues of cultured oysters and can cause mass mortalities.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/20136
ISSN: 08997659
DOI: 10.1577/H04-029.1
権利: © Copyright by the American Fisheries Society 2005
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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