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Cytotoxicity lnhibition Assayによる肺癌を中心とする癌患者の血清中癌関連抗原の検討

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Title: Cytotoxicity lnhibition Assayによる肺癌を中心とする癌患者の血清中癌関連抗原の検討
Other Titles: Tumor-associated Antigens in the Sera from Patientswith Lung Cancer and from Those with Other CancersDetected by Cytotoxicity Inhibition Assay.
Authors: 広田, 正毅 / 福島, 喜代康 / 平谷, 一人 / 門田, 淳一 / 中島, 学 / 宮崎, 幸重 / 河野, 茂 / 重野, 芳輝 / 朝長, 昭光 / 神田, 哲郎 / 斉藤, 厚 / 原, 耕平
Authors (alternative): Hirota, Masaki / Fukushima, Kiyoyasu / Hiratani, Kazuhito / Kadota, Junnichi / Nakashima, Manabu / Miyazaki, Takashige / Kohno, Shigeru / Shigeno, Yoshiteru / Tomonaga, Akimitsu / Kanda, Tetsuro / Saito, Atsushi / Hara, Kohei
Issue Date: 25-Oct-1986
Publisher: 日本肺癌学会
Citation: 肺癌 = Japanese Journal of Lung Cancer, 26(6), p.665-672; 1986
Abstract: 白血病細胞株HL-60に細胞障害性を示す3つのマウスIgMモノクロテール抗体(CLEX5,CSLEX1,TT3)を用いて,肺癌87例を含む各種癌,良性疾患,健常者を対象に,血清中のこれら抗体に対する抗原をcytotoxicity inhibition assay法により検討した.陽性率および特異性の成績から,3つの抗体のうちCSLEX1が最も良く,肺癌:49.4%,癌全体146.4%,良性疾患群7.0%,健常者群6.1%の抗原(sialylated Lewis^x)陽性率であった. / Three monoclonal antibodies, CLEX5, CSLEX1, TT3, were produced by immunizing mice with human cancers. The CSLEXI antibody had previously been confirmed to be directed to the sialylated form of Lewis^x(sialylated Lewis^x), but the chemical structures of epitopes of the others have not been completely clarified. These antibodies were lgM and cytotoxic to the promyelocytic leukemia cell line HL-60. The cytotoxicity inhibition assay to detect the antigens in patients' sera has been performed using the antibodies. From the studies on antigen frequencies and specificities, the CSLEXI antibody was found to be most useful for antigen detection by this method. The positive rate for sialylated Lewis^x was 49 . 4% in patients with lung cancer and 46.4% for all cancer patients, wheras 7.0% for those with benign diseases and 6 . Io/o for healthy controls . From the results together with the simplicity of this procedure, sialylated LewisX would be a useful turnor marker for detection by cytotoxicity inhibition assay.
Keywords: Monoclonal antibody / Tumor-associated antigen / Cytotoxicity inhibition assay
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/20246
ISSN: 03869628
Relational Links: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110003115759/
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