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Title: 原発性肺癌術後再発に対する外科療法
Other Titles: Surgical Management of Postoperative Recurrence of Primary Lung Cancer
Authors: 君野, 孝二 / 綾部, 公懿 / 川原, 克信 / 新海, 清人 / 田川, 泰 / 長谷川, 宏 / 伊藤, 重彦 / 橋本, 哲 / 富田, 正雄
Authors (alternative): Kimino, Koji / Ayabe, Hiroyoshi / Kawahara, Katsunobu / Shinkai, Kiyoto / Tagawa, Yutaka / Hasegawa, Hiroshi / Itoh, Shigehiko / Hashimoto, Satoru / Tomita, Masao
Issue Date: 20-Feb-1988
Publisher: 日本肺癌学会
Citation: 肺癌 = Japanese Journal of Lung Cancer, 28(1), p.65-73; 1988
Abstract: 原発性肺癌切除症例514例において, 再発・転移により再切除を施行した症例は, 胸腔内再発14例, 胸腔外再発11例の25症例で, 全切除例の4.8%に相当し, 組織型は腺癌19例(切除腺癌の8.3%), 扁平上皮癌6例(切除扁平上皮癌の3.0%)である.病期分類で, Stage Iの比率は, 胸腔内再発85.7%, 胸腔外再発36.3%で, 再切除までの期間, 予後についての各々の平均月数は, 胸腔内再発35.4ヵ月, 22.1ヵ月, 胸腔外再発8.9ヵ月, 4.6ヵ月である. / In this paper, we reviewed the surgical management of postoperative intra- or extrathoracic recurrence of primary lung cancer. Most recurrent cases of primary lung cancer were found in the terminal stage or with multiple metastasis. However, due to an increase in numbers of resected primary lung cancer cases, solitary recurrent cases with no evidence of distant metastasis have been revealingly seen. Of 514 cases with resected primary lung cancer, 14 cases underwent reoperation for intrathoracic recurrence and 11 were reoperated for extrathoracic metastasis. In 12 of the former cases pulmonary metastasis had observed while in the other 2 cases were bronchial stump recurrence. Reoperated cases of extrathoracic metastasis evaluated 4 of brain metastasis, 3 of intestinal metastasis and 2 each of adrenal and bone metastasis. Concerning the histological distribution, 19 cases were adenocarcinoma and 6 were squamous cell carcinoma. All reoperated specimens showed same cell type as in the first resected specimens. According to the TNM (UICC) classification, 85.7% of intrathoracic cases were stage I as opposed to 36.3% of extrathoracic cases. The average interval from the first operation to reoperation and average survival time after reoperation was 35.4 months and 22.l months in intrathoracic cases, but only 8.9 months and 4.6 months in extrathoracic cases.
Keywords: Primary lung cancer / Intrathoracic recurrence / Reoperation
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/20248
ISSN: 03869628
Relational Links: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110003131852/
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Type: Journal Article
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