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The minute monogonont rotifer Proales similis de Beauchamp: Culture and feeding to small mouth marine fish larvae

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タイトル: The minute monogonont rotifer Proales similis de Beauchamp: Culture and feeding to small mouth marine fish larvae
著者: Wullur, Stenly / Sakakura, Yoshitaka / Hagiwara, Atsushi
発行日: 2009年 8月 1日
出版者: Elsevier B.V.
引用: Aquaculture, 293(1-2), pp.62-67; 2009
抄録: The body length and width of Proales similis (mean ± SD; 83 ± 11 µm and 40 ± 6 µm, respectively) is 38.1% smaller and 60.3% narrower than that of Brachionus rotundiformis. Due to its small size, P. similis has potential for rearing marine fish larvae which require first food smaller than B. rotundiformis. We examined the feasibility of using P. similis as live food by analyzing its life history, population growth and feeding incidence by fish larvae. P. similis produced first offspring on 2.5–2.8 days after hatch. Females produced 4.3–7.8 offspring during their 2.9–3.4 day reproductive period. P. similis grew well at temperatures 25 to 35 °C (density = 250 to 1030 ind./ml; r = 0.68 to 0.81 day− 1) and at salinities 2 to 15 ppt (density = 360 to 500 ind./ml; r = 0.73 to 0.78 day− 1). Population density of P. similis was higher than B. rotundiformis after 8 days of culture period with either N. oculata and C. vulgaris as food. In mass culture, population density of P. similis increased from 25 to 2400 ind./ml (r = 0.42 day− 1) after 11 days. Results from feeding experiments confirm that P. similis is consumed by seven-band grouper (Epinephelus septemfasciatus) larvae. The larvae demonstrated the highest feeding rate at 20 ind./ml of P. similis.
キーワード: Rotifera / Proales similis / Brachionus rotundiformis / Culture / Live food / Larviculture / Epinephelus septemfasciatus
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/22002
ISSN: 00448486
DOI: 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2009.04.011
権利: Copyright © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
資料タイプ: Journal Article
原稿種類: author
出現コレクション:080 学術雑誌論文

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