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Anopheline fauna and incriminatory malaria vectors in malaria endemic areas on Lombok Island, Indonesia

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Title: Anopheline fauna and incriminatory malaria vectors in malaria endemic areas on Lombok Island, Indonesia
Other Titles: インドネシア・ロンボク島のマラリア浸淫地におけるハマダラカ蚊相とマラリア媒介蚊の究明
Authors: Maekawa, Yoshihide / Tsuda, Yoshio / Dachlan, Yoes P. / Yotopranoto, Subagyo / Gerudug, I. Komang / Yoshinaga, Kazumi / Kanbara, Hiroji / Takagi, Masahiro
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2009
Publisher: The Japan Society of Medical Entomology and Zoology / 日本衛生動物学会
Citation: Medical entomology and zoology, 60(1), pp.1-11; 2009
Abstract: A systematic mosquito collection was carried out for 3 years from November 2001 to September 2004 in western Lombok Island, Indonesia to clarify Anopheles fauna, and to confirm vector species in malaria endemic areas. Adult mosquitoes were collected at 14 sites in the study area by using double-walled mesh nets with human or cow bait. A total of 11 species were encountered. Anopheles vagus was the most predominant. The second most abundant species differed among the sub-study areas; An. sundaicus was abundant in the coastal plain area, and An. balabacensis in the mountainous area. Anopheles balabacensis showed high anthropophily and exophagy and An. sundaicus moderate anthropophily and exophagy. Malaria parasite detection from the collected mosquitoes was also carried out through the detection of circumsporozoite protein by the VecTest^<TM>. Fourteen and 4 samples, which were positive for Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax antigen respectively, were found from An. subpictus, An. sundaicus and An. balabacensis. We conclude that malaria in the coastal plain area is transmitted by An. sundaicus and An. subpictus, whereas An. balabacensis is the primary vector in the mountainous area of Lombok Island. / 2001年11月から2004年9月までインドネシア・ロンボク島・ムニンティング郡においてマラリア媒介蚊調査を行った.合計11種のハマダラカを沿岸,丘陵地,平地,山間部の異なる4地域で採取した.沿岸と山間部で採取した10種について,Vectestを用いてマラリア原虫抗原検出試験を行った結果,森林部で採取したAn.balabacensis,沿岸部で採取したAn.sundaicusとAn.subpictusから陽性反応が得られた.特にAn.balabacensisから多くの陽性反応を得た.これら3種は屋外吸血性,人嗜好性が認められ,マラリア患者との発生時期や分布地域とも一致したため,マラリア媒介蚊と判断した.ロンボク島でのAn.balabacensisによるマラリア媒介は,本研究が初めて明らかにした.
Keywords: Anopheles fauna / malaria vector / An. balabacensis / An. sundaicus / biting behavior / Lombok Island
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/22343
ISSN: 04247086
Relational Links: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110007226358
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