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その他のタイトル: 沖縄に於ける鉤虫症の疫学的研究
著者: Kuniyoshi, Shin-ei
著者(別表記) : 国吉, 真英
発行日: 1975年 9月15日
出版者: 日本熱帯医学会 / Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
引用: 日本熱帯医学会雑誌, vol.3(2), pp.135-159; 1975
抄録: 沖縄南部の1農村で鉤虫の感染状況と感染成立の動態要因を観察、6年間を通じて集団駆虫を行って、感染率の推移を追究した。又Necator americanusとAncylostoma duodenale両種鉤虫の生態と抵抗性について実験的観察を行った。対象となった南風原村の住民の鉤虫感染率は32.4%で大部分はN. americanusである。感染率は農耕従事者に画然と高く、しかも農耕作業時間と密接な関係がある。鉤虫皮膚炎の発生からみて最も主要な感染の場所は沖縄特有の甘藷畑で、冬瓜畑、白菜畑がこれに次ぎ、1月の最寒期を除いて年間を通じて感染が成立しているものと思われる。また農業の形態と屎尿の高率な使用が鉤虫蔓延を助長している。6ヵ年の集団治療により著明な感染率の低下がみられるが、農業専従者には毎年、新旧両感染がくりかえされている。しかも成人女性に多く、大部分はN. americanusである。両種鉤虫感染幼虫の蒸留水中での生存期間は高温で短く、低温で長いが、いずれの温度でもA. duodenaleで長い。虫卵孵化率は27C前後で最も高い。各種化学肥料(スミチオン、デルドリン、マラサイオン)は一定濃度以上で両種鉤虫感染幼虫の生存に対して影響を与えるが、いずれもN. americanusで著明である。又、色々の濃度の酸、アルカリ、(硝酸、リン酸、乳酸、アンモニア、炭酸ソーダ、亜硝酸ソーダ、二酸化炭素)や殺卵剤、食塩水の殺虫作用についても観察されたが、常にN. americanusがA. duodenaleに比較して抵抗力が弱いことが証明された。 / This is a survey of the incidence of hookworm infection and a study of infection process in a rural village named Haebaru, Okinawa Prefecture. Mass treatment of hookworm carriers was repeated for six years from 1963 to 1968, and its effect on the whole incidence and new and re-infections was studied extensively. In addition, the biological behaviour and resistance of N. americanus and A. duodenale have been investigated. Incidence of hookworm infection in this community was 32.4%, mostly caused by N. americanus. The incidence was highest among the farmers as judged by the age and distribution of infected persons in regard to farming, indicating the correlation between the length of farm work hours and the incidence of hookworm infection. The infection took place mainly in the fields where sugar cane, white gourd melon and Chinese cabbage were planted, according to the investigation of plant distribution, mode of fertilization and the incidence of hookworm dermatitis. Infection was not affected by seasonal difference. The factors contributing to the high incidence of hookworm infection in this area must be the warm humid climate, the unique agricultural pattern of producing sugar cane and other vegetables, and improper disposal of the night soil. Six years of mass treatment of hookworm infection resulted in the decrease of the infection rate, markedly among the aged and children, but insignificantly among the farmers who showed frequent new and re-infections. A. duodenale infection decreased markedly, far more than N. americanus infection. The incidence of new infection was highest among the adult females, mostly infected by N. americanus. The survival time of hookworms in distilled water was longer at low temperature and shorter at high temperature, and the hatching rate was highest at 27 C. A. duodenale survived longer than N. americanus at high as well as low temperature. Toxicity of fertilizers tested was strongest with calcium cyanamide, followed by ammonium sulfate, superphosphate, and potassium chloride. They affected N. americanus much more than A. duodenale. Three tested pesticides, Dieldrin, Sumithion and Malathion demonstrated weak toxicity on hookworms. Hookworms, N. americanus in particular, proved little resistance to nitric acid, phosphoric acid and lactic acid in the order listed, and also to alkali such as sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide and sodium carbonate. The larvae were vulnerable to sodium nitrite, carbon disulfide and distilled water, showing no difference due to pH.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/22362
ISSN: 03042146
権利: Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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