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タイトル: 脳の黒色真菌症の1例
著者: 西本, 勝太郎 / 森山, 忠良
著者(別表記) : Nishimoto, Katsutaro / Moriyama, Tadayoshi
発行日: 1976年 9月15日
出版者: 日本熱帯医学会 / Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
引用: 日本熱帯医学会雑誌, vol.4(2), pp.139-146; 1976
抄録: 黒色真菌症は,はじめ主に中・南米の熱帯地方において数多くの症例が見出されたことから,代表的を熱帯性皮膚疾患と考えられていた(高橋,1937)。しかるに最近,わが国において比較的多数の本症の報告が見られるようになり,さらにこの中に,諸外国に比して高頻度の内臓転移例が含まれることが明らかになってきた。最近著者らは,皮疹をまったく伴わまい,脳および腎病変をもっ本症の1例を経験したので, これまでの本邦症例のまとめとともに若干の考察を加えて報告する。 / A 34-year-old female patient visited Nagasaki City Hospital because of increasing headache and diplopia on the 29th of November 1974. Clinical diagnosis of intracranial tumor was made on physical examinations and she was admitted to Nagasaki University Hospital for surgical operation of the tumor. At the craniotomy, multiple spherical, grey to dark brown nodules were seen scattered in the brain tissues (Fig. 1) and histological examination revealed numerous brown fungal spores and hyphae in necrotic area surrounded by granulomatous reaction and Phialophora pedrosoi were isolated by culture using Sabouraud's agar slants (Figs. 2 and 3). The patient was treated with oral administration of 5-Fluorocytosine with temporary improvement and she died of bronchopneumonia on the 7th of June 1975. On autopsy, multiple fungus granulomata were seen in the brain and also in the kidney but there were no skin or mucous membrane lesions. In Japan, 10 cases of cerebral chromomycosis have been reported up to 1975, and they are summarized in the table and discussed.
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ISSN: 03042146
権利: Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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