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Histopathological observations of golden hamsters infected with an Ecuadorian isolate of Leishmania Mexicana

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タイトル: Histopathological observations of golden hamsters infected with an Ecuadorian isolate of Leishmania Mexicana
その他のタイトル: 実験的リーシュマニア症 ―エクアドルで分離されたLeishmania mexicana感染ゴールデンハムスターの組織学的検討―
著者: Bhutto, Abdul Manan / Nonaka, Shigeo / Gomez L., Eduardo A. / Hashiguchi, Yoshihisa / Furuya, Masato
著者(別表記) : Bhutto, A.M. / 野中, 薫雄 / E.A. Gomez, L. / 橋口, 義久 / 古谷, 正人
発行日: 1992年 9月15日
出版者: 日本熱帯医学会 / Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
引用: 日本熱帯医学会雑誌, vol.20(3), pp.203-215; 1992
抄録: 実験はゴールデンハムスターに,Leishmania mexicanaを感染させて行った。接種後6カ月目に屠殺した時,接種部位は厚い痂皮を付す浅い潰瘍となっていた。躯幹の他の部位には,病変を認めなかった。接種部位(鼻,足蹠)標本の病理組織学的所見は,多数のamastigotes(AG),組織球,リンパ球の広範な浸潤が見られ,好中球,好酸球,プラズマ細胞を軽度混在していた。真皮の肉芽腫性病変の上下では,マスト細胞の出現が著明であった。AGは病巣中央部めマクロファージにある,大きな空胞内に存在していた。また電顕的には,肝臓,牌臓にもAGが認められたが,皮膚に比べると数は少なかった。皮膚,および内臓のマクロファージ内で観察された寄生虫の破壊は,この細胞の貧食作用によるものと思われた。 / An experimental study was performed to investigate the Leishmania mexicana infection in golden hamsters. The animals were infected with L. mexican a from Ecuador. At the autopsy 6 months after inoculation, the inoculated sites were shallow, ulcerative and covered with thick crusts. No cutaneous metastasis was observed on other exposed parts of the body. Histologically, specimens of both the nose and footpads showed large numbers of amastigotes with extensive infiltration of histiocytes and lymphocytes and, to some extent, of neutrophils, eosinophils and plasma cells. Large numbers of mast cells were evident in the upper and lower dermis of granulomatous lesions. Amastigotes were found in the macrophages inside the large parasitophorous vacuoles, mostly at the central part of the lesion. Amastigotes were also observed in the liver and spleen by electron microscope but the number was fewer in visceral than in cutaneous sections. Regular destruction of parasites was observed within macrophages in all the cutaneous and visceral sections indicating the phagocytizing role of these cells against parasites.
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ISSN: 03042146
権利: Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
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