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Microstructural control of mesoporous SnO2 powders and their H2 sensing properties

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タイトル: Microstructural control of mesoporous SnO2 powders and their H2 sensing properties
著者: Hario, Naoyuki / Hyodo, Takeo / Shimizu, Yasuhiro / Egashira, Makoto
発行日: 2009年
出版者: MYU
引用: Sensors and Materials, 21(5), pp.229-239; 2009
抄録: Several approaches have been tested to reduce the size of mesoporous tin oxide (m-SnO2) agglomerates prepared by utilizing the self-assembly of n-cetylpyridinium chloride. The variables and methods tested were the mixing ratio of Na2SnO3-3H2O as a tin source and trimethylbenzene in the precursor solution, stirring or ultrasonic treatment after the hydrolysis of the precursor solution, and mechanical grinding of resulting m-SnO2 powders in an agate motor. Among them, ultrasonic treatment immediately after the hydrolysis of Na2SnO 3-3H2O was very effective in reducing agglomerate size and in obtaining a large specific surface area (SSA) of more than 300 m2 g-1, even after calcination at 600°C for 5 h, while grinding in the agate mortar after the calcination led to a decrease in SSA of all m-SnO2 powders. The m-SnO2 sensor fabricated with ultrasonically treated powder showed relatively high H2 sensing properties, probably owing to the small-size agglomerates and large SSA.
キーワード: Agglomerate / H 2 sensor / Mesoporous structure / Tin dioxide / Ultrasonic treatment
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/22658
ISSN: 09144935
資料タイプ: Journal Article
原稿種類: publisher
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